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【NADIA Bellydance Lesson】★ STARTING in JUNE!!

Time flies and it's already June, the second half of 2019!
Thanks for waiting, the new term will be starting from this weekend!

We are planning to organize a recital and a hafla in the second half of this year, so I hope that you will be able to take into consideration of the choreography you're studying in the term for upcoming performance! The details of the new term starting in June are as follows.

From the highly acclaimed Japanese fusion piece "SAKURA SAKURA", we will return to the world of classic Egyptian Oriental here again.


◆ Mashaal 
◆ Tahtil Shibbak  

Eshta Ya Amar」is one of my most favorite song that I used to perform at Shiraz Restaurant Show every week! :) ”Eshta Ya Amar” means "Creme de la creme ! Oh Moon" (expression of admiration for a beautiful woman). This song was composed by Monir el Wisimi for the former Reda Troupe dancer Rakiya Hassan.

It is a very popular standard song for bellydancers, and of course it is the best sound source by beautiful melody lines and tabla beats with plenty of sharpness, but the Arabic words appearing in the lyrics are also pretty cute. Let me share some of them before we start dancing in the lesson!

 "Ya Halawa" - How sweet!
 "Ya Taama" - What a taste!
 "Ya Gamila" - What a beautiful!
 "Sukariya" - Sugar
 "Sesimiya" -Sesame seeds

Well, what kind of word will you get from the audience when you dance? Let's make it beautiful one to be called "Ya Amar !!"! :) 

This choreography is taught on every Sunday & Monday morning class. Please bring a veil.

Now, here is the 2nd choreography which is also super beautiful classic oriental song!  "Mashaal", which has been one of the most precious song for my bellydance life which is so-called "virgin oriental piece" that Nadia first time choreographed when she started bellydancing (long time ago Lol).  It's a memorable song for me. Moreover, it is a song that I performed and had won a prize in the bellydance competition in Asia league, so when I dance it I always feel like I should work hard humbly as well as being back to my beginner's spirit.

The choreography which I will teach in this term is the latest version 2019 edition elegantly with plenty of sharpness. After all, the intro is super cool!! As a dancer, the moment you enter the stage on this intro is so important, and that gives us so much excitement. In addition, melody lines that cross like arabesque patterns, accents of tabla that jiggles into the deep part of my belly, and tones of each instrument of the orchestra demonstrate their individuality beautifully, and choreographed with plenty of presence there, absolutely It is a wonderful piece of work. You can see it in a group dance or a solo, but if you can, it is a song you want to dance on the live band! (I'm already thinking of a live show with this song). Would you like to perform with Nadia in the near future with this song? Let's do that! I hope you will come to learn the works on the premise of the show. I teach this choreography on every Monday night class. Please prepare a veil.

And the third song "Tahtil Shibbak" is also such a beautiful Egyptian balady song. This song is the story of a maiden who falls in love with macho men who pass under the window of her house! I like the video that DINA is dancing on YouTube and I often watch it, so elegant and graceful.  I would like to take that characteristic movement into our new choreography and complete one song this time. What is Balady? We would like to study from the beginning and put some improvised challenges. This choreography will be taught every Wednesday evening and Thursday morning class.

If you are new to bellydance and would like to learn choreography, please participate the basic technique classes together. I will guide you to learn all routines smoothly. The basic technique classes is not only for beginners but also for advanced students and even professional dancers too.-------

The basic technique class will be conducted to let your body move and strengthen your muscles. In particular, I am doing muscle training from the thighs to the buttocks, around the waist, abdominal muscles, back muscles, fingertips, and more, in order to create flexible and strong muscles throughout the body. I'm sure you can improve your body condition faster than the choreography class alone. Get a slim body shape, improve flexibility, and lead to a way of your dance even sharper.  First of all, it's important to keep going from once a week (when you can come twice, three times or even everyday welcome). By strengthening the trunk, posture is improved, and by making the hip lines and back lines beautiful, anti-aging = "look minus 5 years old!" will be definetely achieved. 

The 2019 summer lesson starts this weekend!

Come and join us!!! :) 
Trial / drop-in is always welcome at only $30 per hour! 


Lesson schedule Lesson start date: June 9, 2019 (Sun) / 10 (Mon) / 12 (Wed) / 13 (Thu)

【2019 3rd Term】 2019 June-August 

■ Sunday 10:30-11:30 (60 min): Technique class : Difficulty ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
■ Sunday 11:30-13:00 (90 min): Choreography class Eshta Ya Amar: Difficulty ★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆ 

■ Mon 10:30-11:30 (60 min): Technique class: Difficulty ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ 
■ Monday 11:30-13:00 (90min): Choreography class Eshta Ya Amar: Difficulty ★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆ 
■ Mon 19:00-20:00 (60 min): Technique class: Difficulty ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ 
■ Monday 20:00-21:30 (90 min): Choreography class Mashaal: Difficulty ★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆ 

■ Wednesday 19:00-20:00 (60 min): Technique class: Difficulty ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ 
■ Wednesday 20:00-21:30 (90min): Choreography class Tahtil Shibbak: Difficulty ★ ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ 

■ Thursday 10:30-12:00 (60 min): Choreography class Tahtil Shibbak: Difficulty ★ ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ 
→ "Mom belly" mothers & pre-mother with baby are also welcome

+ + + + + + + + + + + +
In technique classes, we build the foundation for strengthen the body to dance. We are starting with basic attitude as a dancer, arranging the trunk of the fingertips and neck, shoulder and waist, discovering the axis of the body, and instructing them to maintain a stable posture. By keeping continuing every week surely the muscular strength will go up. Practice to move the pelvis to the correct position, using the muscles around the hip joint and the abdominal muscles (abdominal oblique muscle, abdominal transverse muscles, rectus muscles) etc. to isolate various body parts. Practice of hip work, especially because it moves inner thigh well, the flow of lymph around the hip joint is improved, the balance of female hormones is adjusted, leading to menstrual imbalances and PMS improvement as well. Belly dance is a gentle movement that does not burden the body, so you can dance with confidence as women of a wide range of age groups. Of course, those who want to refine the foundation for dancing choreography, as well as those who are new to exercise (& after a long time), those who want to move their bodies as pregnant women and as exercises after childbirth. As a rule of thumb you can participate in pregnancy until around 8 months of pregnancy and after delivery for 2 months or later, but please be sure to obtain permission of exercise OK from your doctor in charge. Shoes are unnecessary as we dance barefoot. Do not forget to bring a water bottle as it sweats. 

In choreography classes,  we introduce various tips to dance fascinating dance. Every time a new term starts I am teaching the latest choreography. Since I rarely teach old choreography repeatedly, please do not miss the chance of attending a regular class. (Regarding the old choreography, I teach in private lessons and workshops only if there is a request). I am instructing the work to be completed in 8 to 10 weeks. Share the points of the routine for dancing belly dance choreographies, how to use props (veils, asaya, etc.) and drills, study instruments and rhythms used in songs, points of expression and attraction too. At the end of the lesson, we will complete the lesson with exercise of core strength & stretching all the muscles incorporates yoga methods and relaxing in mind and body. Please bring a yoga mat or a bath towel to the class. Shoes are unnecessary as we dance barefoot. Do not forget to wear a water bottle as it sweats. Regarding choreography classes, we ask students to start taking classes within 2 to 3 weeks from the start of the term. After that, we may refuse admission.

Venue: Raffles Town Club, Harmony Studio
+ + + + + + + + + + + +

* Choreography class will be completed in 8 to 9 weeks in total.
* As for choreography class, please try to make attendance of 80% at least in order to deepen understanding (If there are a lot of absences, we will consider to arrange the follow up class)
* The basic routine to be learned in the technique class is used in the form applied in the choreography class. If you take both classes, you will gain a better understanding.
* Lesson fee is done by tickets. Please purchase $ 250.00 (10 hours / 3 months valid) at reception. Tickets can be used in any class where I teach.
* Payment can be done at the reception by cash, credit card and NETS.
* Raffles Town Club administrative fee $ 50.00 is required for new students. Some facilities of RTC can be used, and benefits such as participation in school events are available after being a membership.
* Trial & drop-in is possible at any time at $ 30.00 (60 minutes class) · $ 45.00 (90 minutes class).
* Please participate the class with exercise attire. Shoes are unnecessary as we dance barefoot. Dressing room · locker · shower room are equipped. Please bring a bath towel to use with stretch at the end of class (free rental available at RTC).
* Be sure to show your dance card at reception desk before entering the studio. Please also sign the IN - OUT on the attendance sheet.

Those who wish to participate the class, if you reply me by Saturday 30th March. I will send you audio shortly.
The capacity for lesson participants is only about 14 pax. As soon as we reach the capacity, we will close the registration.

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REGISTRATION FORM (June - August 2019)

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■ Fanveils ? : Wish to buy ・ Not need

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Registration & Inquiry

Don't hesitate to ask me any questions! :)
See you all at the studio! 


NADIA Bellydance Entertainment & School, Singapore
DANCE is the hidden language of the soul. 

【NADIA Bellydance Lesson】★ 2019年6月スタート!


大好評頂いたジャパニーズフュージョン作品"SAKURA SAKURA"から一転、一気にクラシックなエジプシャンオリエンタルの世界に舞い戻ります。

今回は、とっておきの名曲ばかり。ベリーダンサーなら誰もが知ってる(or 絶対に踊ったことがあるであろう)王道のエジプシャンオリエンタル&バラディ曲をお勉強しましょう!


◆ Mashaal 
◆ Tahtil Shibbak  

Eshta Ya Amar」は、ナディアがSHIRAZでレストランショーをしていた頃は毎週必ず踊っていたほど大好きな曲です。「Eshta Ya Amar」は日本語訳で「豊潤な月」という意味。エジプトで使われるスラングで、Eshtaは "Cool!"、Ya amarは (誰かに呼びかけたり話している時に) "Pretty, Beautiful!"という意味で使われます。月を意味する"Amar"は、"月のように白くて美しい"と、美しい女性に向けた褒め言葉として使われるようですね。

この曲は、音楽家Monir El Wisimiが、元レダ舞踊団のダンサーで現在エジプトを代表する振付家 & ダンス講師であるラキア・ハッサン(AHLAN WA SAHLAN FESTIVAL主催)の為に作曲された曲です。


 "Ya Halawa" - How sweet!
"Ya Taama" - What a taste!
"Ya Gamila" - What a beautiful!
 "Sukariya" - Sugar
 "Sesimiya" -Sesame seeds
さて皆が踊るとどんな作品になるかしら?"Ya Amar!!"とコールされるような美しい舞に仕上げていきましょうね!:) 

さて。今タームは2曲目も超王道クラシックオリエンタル!実はEshta Ya Amarと並ぶほど大好きな曲で、今タームはどちらを教えようか?と悩み抜いた結果、選びきれなくて笑、両方教えることにしましたw!こちらずっと温め続けていた「Mashaal」は、ナディアが駆け出しの頃に初めて振付をした、いわゆるバージンオリエンタル?的な思い出深い1曲。しかもこの曲を踊ってアジアのコンペで入賞したこともある曲なので、これを踊る時はいつも初心に返る思いがします。振付は2019年版の最新版を、切れ味たっぷり優雅に華やかに舞います。何と言っても、イントロがまずカッコ良い!ダンサーとしてこのイントロで舞台に入る瞬間はたまらないものがあります。また、アラベスク模様のように交差するメロディーライン、腹にジンっとくるタブラのアクセント、オーケストラのそれぞれの楽器の音色が美しく個性を発揮していて、そこに臨場感たっぷりの振付をつけて、絶対に素敵な作品にしあげます。群舞でもソロでも映えますが、できれば、生演奏で踊りたい1曲!(この曲で生演奏ショーができたらとすでに考えています)。この曲で近い将来、ナディアと共演しませんか?どうぞ、ショーにでる前提で作品を学びにきていただきたいと思います。


そして、3曲目の「Tahtil Shibbak」は久しぶりのバラディです。この曲は家の窓の下を通り過ぎるマッチョなメンズに恋する乙女の歌物語です!DINAが踊っている動画が大好きでよく見ているのですが、その特徴的な動きを、今回は振付に取りいれて、1曲完成させていきたいと思います。バラディとは?からのお勉強と、少し即興的なチャレンジも入れたいと思います。






レッスン開始日:2019年6月9日(日) / 10日(月) / 12日(水) / 13日(木) スタート!

■ 日曜 10:30 - 11:30 (60min) :基礎クラス: 難易度★☆☆☆☆
■ 日曜 11:30 - 13:00 (90min) :振付クラスEshta Ya Amar: 難易度★★★☆☆

■ 月曜 10:30 - 11:30 (60min) :基礎クラス: 難易度★☆☆☆☆
■ 月曜 11:30 - 13:00 (90min) :振付クラス Eshta Ya Amar: 難易度★★★☆☆

■ 月曜 19:00 - 20:00 (60min) :基礎クラス: 難易度★☆☆☆☆
■ 月曜 20:00 - 21:30 (90min) :振付クラス Mashaal: 難易度★★★☆☆

■ 水曜 19:00 - 20:00 (60min) :基礎クラス: 難易度★☆☆☆☆
■ 水曜 20:00 - 21:30 (90min) :振付クラス Tahtil Shibbak: 難易度★★☆☆☆

■ 木曜 10:30 - 12:00 (60min) :振付クラス Tahtil Shibbak: 難易度★★☆☆☆


振付クラスでは、毎回新しいタームごとにNADIAの最新振付を教えています。古い振付を繰り返し教えることはありませんので、受講のチャンスを見逃さないでくださいね。(過去に創作した振付はリクエストに応じてプライベートレッスンやワークショップで教えることはありますがプライベートレッスンは1振付につき5時間以上の受講、WSは10名以上参加者がいる場合のみ開催可能 → 希望者はご相談ください)。作品は8〜10週で完成するように指導しています。ベリーダンスの振付を踊る為のルーティンの説明、小道具(ベール・アサヤ・ファンベールなど)の使い方とドリル、そして課題曲で使われる楽器やリズムの勉強、表現方法や魅せ方のポイントをシェアしていきます。レッスン最後にはヨガのメソッドを取り入れた体幹トレーニング&ストレッチを行い心身ともにリラックスした状態でレッスンを終えます(体がとても軽くなります)。ヨガマットまたはバスタオルをご持参ください。裸足で踊りますので靴は不要です。汗をかきますのでウォーターボトルもお忘れなく!振付クラスに関しては、ターム開始から2〜3週以内に受講開始をお願いしています。それ以降はご入会をお断りする場合があります。また、おやすみされた場合のメイクアップクラスは特にありませんので、個人レッスンで対応致します。複数の欠席者がいる場合はまとめて補修クラス開催も検討可能ですので、ご相談ください。

レッスン会場: Raffles Town Club, Harmony Studio


Raffles Town Club受付(2階 GYM Reception)にてダンスチケットをご購入ください。$250で60分クラス10回分、90分クラスは6.5回分です。ダンスチケットはナディアが教える全てのクラスでお使い頂けます。(例:日曜クラス振付クラス & 水曜夜クラス&時々基礎クラスの併用....を1枚のダンスカードで利用OK)また初回のみメンバー入会手数料$50がかかります。メンバー料金にはRaffles Town Clubの施設(スタジオ・ロッカールーム・シャワールーム・サウナ・プール・カフェテリア)の使用料が含まれます。また、体験レッスン・ドロップインは60分クラス$30.00 /90分クラス$45.00で受講頂けます。





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DANCE is the hidden language of the soul.