Friday, March 8, 2024

【 NEW CHOREO for spring 】Let's dance Artem Uznov's stylish drum solo! “YOGA for Beauty” Special event "Morning YOGA streamed live from Australia in the southern hemisphere'' and more.. ♪


Hello everyone! ★ I'm Nadia, a Japanese belly dancer living in Singapore.

At this time of the year, many people feel unwell due to changes in their lifestyle and seasons.

In the meantime, I would like to help you increase your basic metabolism and live your daily life with more energy through belly dancing and yoga.

Recently, I am very happy that the number of online students who are enthusiastically taking yoga classes day and night has increased.

Nadia is a belly dancer, so an overwhelming majority of people take her lessons to learn choreography. However, when it comes to yoga instruction, she uses her unique perspective as a belly dancer to help all the women who take her lessons become more beautiful and strong. 

Nadia teaches with all her heart, with the aim of nurturing a positive mindset.


Yoga classes are held 4 times a week, 16 times a month, for a total of 32 classes per term (2 months), and are taught directly by Nadia. You can take all 32 classes as much as you want.

It's a so-called "Yoga Subscription".

NADIA ONLINE's "Yoga Subscription", commonly known as YOGA for Beauty!

The content that can only be achieved online and the ease of use are greatly appreciated. No reservations required, late participation is OK, and you are free to leave anytime during the class. There are several moms with their children who are taking part in yoga while having their babies lying on their side.

Feel free to do so! But sometimes, it's so hard. It's a sweet and spicy class lol. Introductory yoga students and beginners are welcome. First, let's loosen up that stiff, rounded back. You can become a different person in half a year! :)

"Adjusting your back and pelvis", which is the most important aspect of the Nadia class, not only improves your posture, but also eliminates facial sagging (bulldog-like), forehead wrinkles, and double chin.

The back and face are connected.

A sagging back is a sagging face. Distortion of the pelvis is distortion of the face.

When you straighten your back, your décolleté, from your scalp to your forehead, shoulder blades, collarbones, and below your ears, will be smoothed out in all directions, and even though you haven't lost any weight, your face will look cleaner and your impression will be brighter. Do people who dance or do yoga look younger? There was a basis for this.

If you look a little older in the mirror, the first thing you should suspect is a misaligned back and pelvis. Before going to a high-end beauty salon, I want you to find out what you can do. I want you to start practicing yoga taught by Nadia at home by online♪ The budget will be 1/10th of what you would pay at a beauty salon lol.

Nadia especially welcome people in the pre-menopausal and menopausal generation, from around 40th to  50th and even around 60th. Cherish your femininity and achieve healthy beauty.

- - - - - - - - - - -
“YOGA for BEAUTY” taught by a belly dancer
Participants: March/April NADIA ONLINE members


In addition, we have planned 2-DAYS of morning yoga as a spring event. 60 minutes on April 4th (Thursday) and 5th (Friday) from 6:00am Singapore time and 7:00pm Japan time.

- Deep breathing
- Stretch
- Sun Salutation

We do above.

In Singapore, which is located right on the equator, the sunrise time every morning is set at 7am (it's the same all year round lol). So, you can see the sunlight at 7am after morning yoga, so you can start your day with a refreshing feeling.

It ends at 8am Japan time, so if you lay out your yoga mat before work and start your day with a refreshed mind and body, you'll be able to get through your work.

Meanwhile, Nadia is in Melbourne on a business trip (she'll be live-streaming yoga from her lovely Airbnb), so let's connect in the southern and northern hemispheres and share a different kind of energy with everyone.

April, the beginning of the new fiscal year.

We hope you will take advantage of our morning yoga and start the new year with good energy!

Let's work together to improve and be active!

- - - - - - - - - - -
“Morning yoga from Australia in the southern hemisphere”
Participants: March/April NADIA ONLINE members

Now. Can't wait! :)
Announcement of new spring choreography.

The offensive and aggressive feel of Gaston Chaade choreography that we danced to last term left a very pleasant aftertaste, so if you'd like, why not add a cool drum solo to it and make it into a show set? 

For the first time in a while, I've selected an up-tempo song called That's Freedom from Artem Uznov's drum solo songs. I think it's very easy to dance to.

We've heard a lot of people say they love the 「I wanna Dance」 choreography, so let's incorporate that taste into our new work and dance to Artem's drum solo choreographed by Nadia in 2024 with lots of energy!

The choreography consists of lots of shimmies, isolations, and jazz-style poses. I think the basic class will be "Shimmy Festival". Let's have fun! lol

Drum solo music is a genre that tests your basic skills, so try improving your basic skills through choreography. The atmosphere is different from the Turkish drum solo we danced last year, and Nadia will perform captivating choreography to Artem Uznov's captivating sound source, which is sprinkled with modern, jazz-like tastes. Please look forward to it!

- - - - - - - - - - -
2nd term 2024: "ARTEM UZNOV - DRUM SOLO" 
3/14(thu) START / Scheduled to end on 5/11 (mon) 
Choreography completed in 8 weeks

Sound source provided
8 tutorial videos will be sent every week 


Are there any reasons why you have given up on starting, such as not having a teacher near you that you want to learn from? There are no belly dance classes in the first place?

“NADIA ONLINE on ZOOM” is a popular lesson that started during the coronavirus pandemic. You are free to turn on/off the screen and you are free to join or leave midway, so if you are embarrassed to be seen dancing, you can turn off the screen,  or on the other hand, if you want to grow by dancing with screen on, you can dance at your own pace. You can participate in the lesson with this stance.

All of the lessons we offer are professionally taught by Nadia.  She has traveled to Turkey and Egypt, the home of belly dance, many times to train and is currently performing and teaching in various cities in Asia. She had won many awards in competitions, and in recent years we have a wealth of experience as judges, so we are able to provide accurate advice and guidance.

In addition, lesson fees are also low, which can only be achieved online. You can take the course for a monthly fee of $150 (¥12,500) / 1 month, or as a package for $250 (¥20,000) / 2 months.

It is a term system, and you will master the choreography of one song over two months (8 weeks) per term! You can take as many lessons as you like, 4 days a week, 3 classes a day, and 40 classes a month. You can attend as many classes as you like without making a reservation, including basic classes, choreography classes, and yoga classes. You will also receive an instructional video once a week so that you can learn the choreography even if you miss a lesson.

We also hold a wonderful hafla event where we can share what we have learned.

2022-2023 "TOKYO HAFLA" has been held three times and has been well received each time. We want to hold it in 2024 with an even more festival feel, and we already have a lot of ideas. Please add TOKYO HAFLA, scheduled to be held in December, to one of your goal stages this year.

In 2023, the members will produce the top three winners in an international competition in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. In early summer, members continued to produce top 3 prize winners at the WORLD BELLYDANCE FESTIVAL and ASIA GLOBAL BELLYDANCE COMPETITION held in Singapore. In the fall, the members won first place in the group category at the international belly dance festival BGBD FESTIVAL held in Taiwan.

I am proud that the expanding circle of learning in this community fosters individual strength, allows students to play an active role across the ocean, and fosters mental strength and globalism that can be used overseas.

This year, in 2024, we will be in Melbourne (Australia), Istanbul (Turkey), Singapore , Hanoi (Vietnam), Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), Tokyo (Japan).

We will inform you separately about the details of the events scheduled to appear this year.

Now. Belly dance basics & choreography lessons are currently being held at a studio in Singapore.

The location of the studio is also great, just one bus stop from Orchard Road. Although we are located in the city, we hold face-to-face lessons every week in a beautiful studio with a view of the pool and surrounded by greenery, as if you have stepped into a quiet forest.

2 classes every Friday and Saturday at 11am - 1pm.
60 minutes of basics and 60 minutes of choreography.

The monthly fee is $380 per term (8 weeks), which includes basic and choreography classes at the studio, as well as online lessons (basics, choreography, and yoga). In other words, during the week when you are unable to come to the studio, you will be able to catch up online or via tutorial video. You will learn the same choreography content as online.

If you would like a trial lesson or drop-in, you can join a 60-minute class for $35. (Only if there is space/reservation required)

- - - - - - - - - - -
2nd term 2024: "ARTEM UZNOV - DRUM SOLO" 
3/14(thu) START / Scheduled to end on 5/11 (mon) 
Choreography completed in 8 weeks

Sound source provided
8 tutorial videos will be sent every week 


With 20 years of experience, over 500 performances in Singapore and other parts of Asia, and bilingual Japanese/English guidance from Nadia, a professional with a proven track record of instructing over 1,000 people regardless of nationality. We are holding a lesson. He has extensive experience as a judge in international competitions, so please feel free to ask him anything. We can provide a wide range of guidance for everyone from beginners to professionals, from competition preparation to health management, teacher training, and teaching consulting. Please contact us.


■ Monthly fee system: ¥12,500 / $150 (1 month) / ¥20,000 / $250 (2 months) Unlimited course attendance
■ Experience/Drop-in: ¥3000 / $35 (60 minutes) / Please pay by the day before
■ Dates: Held on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays → Check the lesson schedule on the website
■ Contents: Belly dance basics, choreography, yoga
■ What you need: yoga mat, water, towel


■ Monthly fee system: $380 (2 months) Unlimited lessons (includes online lessons)
■ Trial/Drop-in: $35 (60 minutes) / Please pay by the day before
■ Dates: Every Friday & Saturday
BASIC 1100-1200 / CHOREO 1200-1300
→Check the lesson schedule on the website
■ Contents: Belly dance basics and choreography
■ What you need to prepare: water, towel
■ Clothes: Easy-to-move clothes,  scarf wrapped around the waist, dancing barefoot
■ Venue: At a beautiful oasis-like studio near Orchard

【Application & Inquiry】

■ Just send a simple message to Nadia from SNS such as Gmail, Instagram, WhatsApp, Messenger, etc.!
■ Payment: Bank transfer, PEATIX, PAYNOW possible
■ How to participate: After applying, you will be invited to the Whatsapp group. You can receive zoom links, lesson information, audio sources, videos, etc.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us.

Well then, everyone! Let's dance a lot and smile this year as well and make it a good year.
We look forward to your participation :)


Nadia A. Sueoka
(NOA PRODUCTION : 53398231J) 
Phone SG: +65 9295 6041 

DANCE is the hidden language of the soul. 

【春の新作!アルテムユズノフのお洒落ドラムソロ振付を踊ろう!】★ 「骨格美人ヨガ」をサブスクで!特別企画「南半球オーストラリアから生配信の朝ヨガ」他.. ♪


皆様、こんにちは!★ シンガポール在住の日本人ベリーダンサー、ナディアです。









NADIA ONLINE の「ヨガのサブスク」、通称、美人ヨガ!







鏡の中の自分が少し老けて見えたとしたら、まず疑うべきは、背中と骨盤の歪みについてです。高級エステに行く前に、やれることを見つけてみて欲しい。ナディアが教えるヨガを、自宅で、オンラインで、始めてみて欲しい♪ 予算はエステの10分の一で済みますよ笑。


- - - - - - - - - - - 
参加対象者 : 3・4月NADIA ONLINEメンバー


NADIA ONLINE の「ヨガのサブスク」、通称、美人ヨガ!

- 丁寧な呼吸
- ストレッチ
- 太陽礼拝










- - - - - - - - - - - 
参加対象者 : 3・4月NADIA ONLINEメンバー




久しぶりに、アルテムユズノフのドラムソロ楽曲からThat's Freedomというアップテンポな曲を選曲しています。とても踊りやすいと思います。

以前ナディアが振り付けした「I wanna Dance」が大好きだという声もたくさん頂いていたので、そのテイストを新作に入れて、2024年のナディアが振付する、アルテムのドラムソロを、エネルギーたっぷりで踊りましょう!



- - - - - - - - - - - 
2024年第2ターム : 「ARTEM UZNOV - DRUM SOLO」3/14(thu) START
5/11(mon) 終了予定・全8週間で振付1曲完成

振付解説動画 8本送付


近くに習いたい先生がいない... そもそもベリーダンスのお教室がない.. あっても敷居が高くて入門するのが怖いなぁ.. など、そんな理由ではじめるのを諦めていませんか?

「NADIA ONLINE on ZOOM」は、コロナ禍にスタートした人気レッスン。画面ON/OFFは自由、途中参加・退座も自由なので、踊ってる姿を見られるのが恥ずかしい方は画面オフで、逆に画面オンで踊ることで成長を狙いたい方も、ご自身のペースとスタンスでレッスンにご参加頂けます。


また、レッスン代もオンラインならではの低価格を実現。なんと月額 $150 (¥12,500) / 1ヶ月、または、パッケージ $250 (¥20,000) / 2ヶ月で受講いただけます。

ターム制となっており、1ターム 2ヶ月 (8週間) かけて、1曲振付をマスターしていきます!レッスンは週に4日、1日3クラス、月40クラスを好きなだけ受講し放題。基礎クラス・振付クラス・ヨガクラス、どのクラスも予約なしでお好きなだけご参加いただけます。また、レッスンを逃しても、振付が学べる様に、週に一度、解説動画も届きます。


2022〜2023年 "TOKYO HAFLA"を3度開催し、毎度好評を博しています。2024年はさらにフェス感を出して開催したく、すでにたくさんアイディア湧いています。皆様の今年の目標ステージの一つに、12月に開催予定のTOKYO HAFLAを加えてみてください。

2023年は、マレーシア・クアラルンプールでの国際コンペでは、メンバーからTOP3入賞者を輩出。初夏には、シンガポールで開催されたWORLD BELLYDANCE FESTIVALおよび、 ASIA GLOBAL BELLYDANCE COMPETITIONにおいて、メンバーからTOP3入賞者を連続輩出。秋には台湾で開催された国際ベリーダンスフェスティバル BGBD FESTIVALでのコンペティションにおいてメンバーがグループ部門で1位を獲得。



ナディアと共に、海を超え、活躍の場を広げていきませんか?情熱溢れる方は是非、ついて来てくださいね ♪

さて。大好評開催中の、シンガポールのスタジオでの、ベリーダンスの基礎 & 振付レッスン。



お月謝制となり、1ターム $380 (8週間)には、スタジオでの基礎クラス・振付クラスに加え、オンラインレッスン(基礎・振付・ヨガ)もお付けしています。つまり、スタジオに来れなかった週はオンラインや動画でキャッチアップ可能となります。振付は、オンラインと同じ内容を学びます。


- - - - - - - - - - - 
2024年第2ターム : 「ARTEM UZNOV - DRUM SOLO」3/14(thu) START
5/11(mon) 終了予定・全8週間で振付1曲完成

振付解説動画 8本送付





■ お月謝制:¥12,500 / $150 (1ヶ月) / ¥20,000 / $250 (2ヶ月) 受講し放題 
■ 体験・ドロップイン:¥3000 / $35 (60分) / 前日までにお支払いください
■ 開催日:月・水・木・日 開催 →レッスンスケジュールはウェブでチェック
■ 内容:ベリーダンスの基礎・振付・ヨガ
■ ご用意いただくもの:ヨガマット・お水・タオル


■ お月謝制:$380 (2ヶ月) 受講し放題 (オンラインレッスンも含まれます) 
■ 体験・ドロップイン:$35 (60分) / 前日までにお支払いください
■ 開催日:毎週金曜 & 土曜 
BASIC 1100-1200 / CHOREO 1200-1300 
■ 内容:ベリーダンスの基礎・振付
■ ご用意いただくもの:お水・タオル
■ 服装 : 動きやすい服装・ヨガウェア可・腰に巻くスカーフ・裸足で踊ります
■ 会場:オーチャード周辺にあるオアシスのような美しいスタジオにて

【お申込み & お問合せ】

■ Gmail・インスタ・WhatsApp・Messenger など、SNSからナディアまで簡単なメッセージを送るだけでOK!
■ お支払い:銀行振込・PEATIX・ PAYNOW可
■ 参加方法: お申込み後、Whatsappグループへご招待します。zoomリンクや、レッスン情報、音源、動画など、そちらで受取ることができます。

沢山のご参加お待ちしています :)


Nadia A. Sueoka
(NOA PRODUCTION : 53398231J) 
Phone SG: +65 9295 6041 

DANCE is the hidden language of the soul.