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【NADIA Bellydance Lesson】★ September - December 2019


This is our final terms of 2019's Bellydance lesson.

New term will be also special choreographies taught by Nadia.

The basic class called "BASICS - Core & Strenhth" is being also more intense to build your body to the best condition.

By training the trunk & inner thighs to make your posture, your O-legs, or even pelvis position to be corrected by adjusting the center of gravity of your body. Get into the habit of deep breathing, promote your blood circulation, rejuvenate your skin cells, and get a healthy beauty with bellydancing!

Choreography ⑴:"GAWAZEE SAIDI" 
New choreography in my choreography class, first song "GAWAZEE SAIDI". What is Gawazee? I want to start with this question. 

This summer, I learned about Arabic folk dance attending intensive course and practical training by the professor Tamer Aziz & Hoda Ibrahim, the former dancer from the troupe of Leda National Dance Company in Egypt. Through the new dance performance, I would like to give students all the knowledge I learnt and share how to dance. 

This Choreography is taught every Sunday morning & Monday morning class.Also, the choreography will be performed at our upcoming recital "A Night of Orient Vol.5" scheduled to be held next spring. If you are interested in attending, please participate in the performance too. Assaya wood stick (thick one) is required to bring to the class. If you wish to purchase, please fill out the application form. The price is around $30-50. 

Choreography ⑵:"T-Drum Solo" 
Now, the second choreography is Nadia's latest drum solo piece! Takseema, one of the most popular Japanese Darbukka Player's latest CD "Protocol 1008", Nadia selected her favorite tune "Drastic Effect" to be choreographed. He will be one of the main guest artist to play his music at our upcoming event  "A Night of Orient Vol.5" in April 2020 with some other musicians too! Details will be updated soon. The rhythm CD by Takseema will be used at the same time to explain the various rhythms that appear in the choreography, and in the basic class that comes with the choreography class, we will practice dance routines that match the rhythm as a set. I am very proud to introduce wonderful Japanese artists in Asia, and I hope that all the students in Singapore will also learn about the rhythms of Arab music and the charm of Egyptian-style Darbukka through our works.

If you can dance well to this piece, that is not just a dream to perform with live drum too in near future?! ;)
This choreography will be taught every Monday night & Wednesday night class. Also, the choreography will be performed at our upcoming recital "A Night of Orient Vol.5" scheduled to be held next spring. If you are interested in attending, please participate in the performance too. 

Choreography ⑶:"LED ISIS WINGS" 
The third choreography is using Wings of Isis, one of Nadia's special props. ISIS is one of the ancient Egyptian goddess. I would like to teach you a piece that was choreographed on the premise of dancing at the show using LED wings this time. The theme song is a song called Reflections, which was performed at the end of 2016 by Nadia who was 8 months pregnant. A gentle melody line and a chorus sung in Hindu "My heart has been stolen, someone brought it away .." I would like to dance with a good feeling. I think you will co-star in various shows where Nadia performs if your dance routine completed at a nice work (Only those who meet perfect attendance rate, there is a chance to perform in the public show with Nadia). If you are new to belly dance, if you are new to learning, or even you have much experience, please all can try it.

Let's order the LED wings together. There is no doubt that it will be a very nice & artistic work.

This choreography will be taught every Thursday morning class. (You can bring your baby in this class)
Also, the choreography will be performed at our upcoming recital "A Night of Orient Vol.5" scheduled to be held next spring. If you are interested in attending, please participate in the performance too. 

BASICS CLASS - Core & Strength 
Move your body for 60 minutes and strengthen your muscles at the pinpoint on your body! When you hear bellydancing, you can imagine the navel from its name, but the muscles you are using aren't the only one. From the top, facial muscles (muscles that make the facial expressions and corners of the mouth), muscles that beautifully arranged the neck & decollete, arms (lines from the muscles around the shoulder blades of the back to the fingertips), abdominals (diaphragm, rectus abdominis, flank, lower abdomen) From the thighs to the hips, muscles in the lower body, pelvic floor muscles, inner thighs, outer thighs, calves, and fingertips are added. Rather than having a tight macho body with a wide abdominal muscles, the inner muscle that is the core of the body is properly trained, and you can acquire muscle strength that can make supple and feminine work naturally. Is one of the attractions of bellydancing, especially by the method that Nadia teaches.

First of all, it is important to continue from once a week. If you train your trunk, your posture will improve, and the hip line and back line will be beautifully arranged to achieve anti-aging = "look minus 5 years old!"

The final term for 2019 starts this Sunday! New and trial lessons are also welcome.


Lesson Schedule
The starting date:2019 Sep 15(sun) / 16(mon) / 18(wed) / 19(thu)

【2019 Final Term】2019 Sep-Dec
■ Sundays 10:30 - 11:30 (60min) :BASICS "Core&Strength": Level ★☆☆☆☆
■ Sundays 11:30 - 13:00 (90min) :Choreography「GAWAZEE SAIDI」: Level ★★★☆☆

■ Mondays 10:30 - 11:30 (60min) :BASICS "Core&Strength": Level ★☆☆☆☆
■ Mondays 11:30 - 13:00 (90min) :Choreography「GAWAZEE SAIDI」: Level ★★★☆☆

■ Mondays  19:00 - 20:00 (60min) :BASICS "Core&Strength": Level ★☆☆☆☆
■ Mondays  20:00 - 21:30 (90min) :Choreography 「T-DRUM SOLO」: Level ★★★☆☆

■ Wednesdays 19:00 - 20:00 (60min) :BASICS "Core&Strength": Level ★☆☆☆☆
■ Wednesdays  20:00 - 21:30 (90min) :Choreography 「T-DRUM SOLO」: Level ★★★☆☆

■ Thursdays  10:00 - 11:30 (90min) :Choreography 「LED Wings of Isis」: Level ★★☆☆☆
→ you can bring your kids & baby at this class.

+ + + + + + + + + + + +
In technique classes, we build the foundation for strengthen the body to dance. We are starting with basic attitude as a dancer, arranging the trunk of the fingertips and neck, shoulder and waist, discovering the axis of the body, and instructing them to maintain a stable posture. By keeping continuing every week surely the muscular strength will go up. Practice to move the pelvis to the correct position, using the muscles around the hip joint and the abdominal muscles (abdominal oblique muscle, abdominal transverse muscles, rectus muscles) etc. to isolate various body parts. Practice of hip work, especially because it moves inner thigh well, the flow of lymph around the hip joint is improved, the balance of female hormones is adjusted, leading to menstrual imbalances and PMS improvement as well. Belly dance is a gentle movement that does not burden the body, so you can dance with confidence as women of a wide range of age groups. Of course, those who want to refine the foundation for dancing choreography, as well as those who are new to exercise (& after a long time), those who want to move their bodies as pregnant women and as exercises after childbirth. As a rule of thumb you can participate in pregnancy until around 8 months of pregnancy and after delivery for 2 months or later, but please be sure to obtain permission of exercise OK from your doctor in charge. Shoes are unnecessary as we dance barefoot. Do not forget to bring a water bottle as it sweats. 

In choreography classes,  we introduce various tips to dance fascinating dance. Every time a new term starts I am teaching the latest choreography. Since I rarely teach old choreography repeatedly, please do not miss the chance of attending a regular class. (Regarding the old choreography, I teach in private lessons and workshops only if there is a request). I am instructing the work to be completed in 8 to 10 weeks. Share the points of the routine for dancing belly dance choreographies, how to use props (veils, asaya, etc.) and drills, study instruments and rhythms used in songs, points of expression and attraction too. At the end of the lesson, we will complete the lesson with exercise of core strength & stretching all the muscles incorporates yoga methods and relaxing in mind and body. Please bring a yoga mat or a bath towel to the class. Shoes are unnecessary as we dance barefoot. Do not forget to wear a water bottle as it sweats. Regarding choreography classes, we ask students to start taking classes within 2 to 3 weeks from the start of the term. After that, we may refuse admission.
Venue: Raffles Town Club, Harmony Studio
+ + + + + + + + + + + +


* Choreography class will be completed in 8 to 9 weeks in total.
* As for choreography class, please try to make attendance of 80% at least in order to deepen understanding (If there are a lot of absences, we will consider to arrange the follow up class)
* The basic routine to be learned in the technique class is used in the form applied in the choreography class. If you take both classes, you will gain a better understanding.
* Lesson fee is done by tickets. Please purchase $ 250.00 (10 hours / 3 months valid) at reception. Tickets can be used in any class where I teach.
* Payment can be done at the reception by cash, credit card and NETS.
* Raffles Town Club administrative fee $ 50.00 is required for new students. Some facilities of RTC can be used, and benefits such as participation in school events are available after being a membership.
* Trial & drop-in is possible at any time at $ 30.00 (60 minutes class) · $ 45.00 (90 minutes class).
* Please participate the class with exercise attire. Shoes are unnecessary as we dance barefoot. Dressing room · locker · shower room are equipped. Please bring a bath towel to use with stretch at the end of class (free rental available at RTC).
* Be sure to show your dance card at reception desk before entering the studio. Please also sign the IN - OUT on the attendance sheet.

Those who wish to participate the class, if you reply me by Saturday 14 Sep. I will send you audio shortly.

The capacity for lesson participants is only about 14 pax. As soon as we reach the capacity, we will close the registration.

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REGISTRATION FORM (Septemer - December 2019)

■ Name:

■ HP:

■ Email address:

■ Lesson:

■ Assaya , LED Wings? :   Wish to buy ・ Not need

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Registration & Inquiry

Don't hesitate to ask me any questions! :)

See you all at the studio! 

NADIA Bellydance Entertainment & School, Singapore
DANCE is the hidden language of the soul. 

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

【NADIA Bellydance Lesson】★ 2019年9月スタート!

* English blog will be coming up soon separately


今タームも、ナディア選曲&振付によるとっておきの3作品を教えます。また基礎クラス "BASICS - Core & Strenth"も更にドSレッスンで踊れる体を作っていきますよ!!!

体幹&内腿を鍛え、姿勢をただし、 体の重心を整えることで、O脚を改善、骨盤の矯正を行います。深い呼吸をする習慣を身につけ、血行を促進し、お肌の細胞を蘇らせ、いきいきと健康的な美をベリーダンスで手に入れましょう!


振付クラスの新作振付、まず1曲目は、"GAWAZEE SAIDI"。ガワジーってなぁに?から始めたいと思います。ガワジーの発祥はバーレーンだって知ってた?そこからどうエジプトに拠点をうつし、ジプシーとの関係を築き、オリエンタルダンス(ベリーダンス)に繋がっていったのか?ちなみに、ガワジーとジプシーは全く別の民族であり、当然、踊り方や思想も異なります。

今夏、台湾にて開催されたエジプトのレダ国立舞踊団出身のプロフェッサー Tamer Aziz & Hoda Ibrahim による集中講義&実践トレーニングで、アラブ全域の民族舞踊について学びました。新作のダンス演目を通して、生徒たちに知識の全てと踊り方をレクチャーいたいと思います。忙しくて一緒に台湾合宿に来れなかった方も、ナディアクラスに来れば、いろんな話が一気に聞けてしまうという出し惜しみなしの超太っ腹クラスです!w。ご興味のある方は是非ご参加くださいね。


また、来春開催予定のリサイタル"A Night of Orient Vol.5"にて本作品を発表予定。受講される生徒さんで、ご興味のある方は是非、パフォーマンスにも参加してください。


振付⑵:"T-Drum Solo" 

さて、新作振付2曲目は、おまちかねの、タクーマ・ドラムソロです!略して"T-Drum Solo"と呼ばせてください。

今や飛ぶ鳥落とす勢いの日本人ダルブッカプレーヤー、Takseemaの新作CD "Protocol 1008"より、ナディアが一番グッと来た一曲 "Drastic Effect"を振付して教えます。

現在全国ツアーなどで多忙を極め、絶大な人気を誇るTakseemaさんを、来春シンガポールで開催する劇場公演 "A Night of Orient Vol.5"にゲストでお迎えすることが決定してます。彼の他にも複数名の有名日本人ミュージシャンにもご出演頂く予定(詳細は近日中に別途告知)。今回のレッスンでは、Takseemaの卓越された技術と情熱の結晶である新作ドラムソロ演目に、ナディアが振付。Takseemaによるリズム別CDも同時に活用し、作品に登場する各種リズムを解説、振付クラスに付属になっている基礎クラスにて、リズムに合わせたダンスのルーティンをセットでお稽古していきます。同じ日本人として、素晴らしいアーティストをアジアでご紹介できることを大変誇りに思いますし、シンガポールの生徒たちにも作品を通して、アラブ音楽のリズムや、エジプシャンスタイルのダルブッカの魅力について深く知ってもらえたら嬉しいです。



また、来春開催予定のリサイタル"A Night of Orient Vol.5"にて本作品を発表予定。受講される生徒さんで、ご興味のある方は是非、パフォーマンスにも参加してください。



3曲目は、おなじみ、ナディアの得意プロップスの一つ、Wings of Isisを使った演目です。ISISとは古代エジプトの女神のことです。その羽を、しかも今回はLEDの羽を使って、ショーで踊ることを前提に振付した作品を教えたいと思います。課題曲は、2016年の年末ハフラで、当時妊娠8ヶ月のナディアが踊った、Reflectionsという曲です。優しいメロディーラインとヒンズー語で歌われるコーラス "My heart has been stolen, someone brought it away.."と繰り返し歌われているどこなく神秘的なフィーリングを感じるこの曲に、愛するものに心奪われる幸せな感覚を抱きながら踊ってみたいと思います。素敵な作品に仕上がったらナディアが出演する各種ショーでも共演をと考えています(出席率を満たしている方にはショー出演のチャンス有り)。ベリーダンスが初めての方も、学びはじめて間もない方も、もちろんご経験のある方も、是非チャレンジしてみてください。ウィングはまとめて皆でオーダーしましょうね。とても素敵な作品になること間違いなしです。


また、来春開催予定のリサイタル"A Night of Orient Vol.5"にて本作品を発表予定。受講される生徒さんで、ご興味のある方は是非、パフォーマンスにも参加してください。



基礎クラス (BASICS - Core & Strenth) は、60分間たっぷり体を動かし、ピンポイントで筋肉を強化します。ベリーダンスと聞くとその名から、おへそを想像されると思いますが、実は使っている筋肉はおへそだけではありません。上から、表情筋(流し目・口角を作る筋肉)、首筋のデコルテを美しく整える筋肉、アームス(背中の肩甲骨まわりの筋肉から指先までのライン)、腹筋(横隔膜・腹直筋・脇腹・下腹)、太ももからお尻にかけての下半身の筋肉強化、骨盤底筋、内腿、外腿、ふくらはぎ、足先の指先まで、全身余すところなくしなやかな筋肉がついてきます。肩幅の広い腹筋が割れたがっちりとしたマッチョ体型ではなく、女性らしいふっくらした側面を残しながら、体の芯であるインナーマッスルはきちんと鍛え、しなやかで女性らしい所作が自然でにできる筋力が身につくというのがベリーダンスの魅力の一つでもあります。




レッスン開始日:2019年9月15日(日) / 16日(月) / 18日(水) / 19日(木) スタート!

■ 日曜 10:30 - 11:30 (60min) :基礎クラス: 難易度★☆☆☆☆
■ 日曜 11:30 - 13:00 (90min) :振付クラス「GAWAZEE SAIDI: 難易度★★★☆☆

■ 月曜 10:30 - 11:30 (60min) :基礎クラス: 難易度★☆☆☆☆

■ 月曜 11:30 - 13:00 (90min) :振付クラス 「GAWAZEE SAIDI: 難易度★★★☆☆

■ 月曜 19:00 - 20:00 (60min) :基礎クラス: 難易度★☆☆☆☆

■ 月曜 20:00 - 21:30 (90min) :振付クラス 「T-DRUM SOLO: 難易度★★★☆☆

■ 水曜 19:00 - 20:00 (60min) :基礎クラス: 難易度★☆☆☆☆

■ 水曜 20:00 - 21:30 (90min) :振付クラス 「T-DRUM SOLO: 難易度★★☆☆

■ 木曜 10:00 - 11:30 (90min) :振付クラス 「LED Wings of Isis: 難易度★★☆☆☆



振付クラスでは、毎回新しいタームごとにNADIAの最新振付を教えています。古い振付を繰り返し教えることはありませんので、受講のチャンスを見逃さないでくださいね。(過去に創作した振付はリクエストに応じてプライベートレッスンやワークショップで教えることはありますがプライベートレッスンは1振付につき5時間以上の受講、WSは10名以上参加者がいる場合のみ開催可能 → 希望者はご相談ください)。作品は8〜10週で完成するように指導しています。ベリーダンスの振付を踊る為のルーティンの説明、小道具(ベール・アサヤ・ファンベールなど)の使い方とドリル、そして課題曲で使われる楽器やリズムの勉強、表現方法や魅せ方のポイントをシェアしていきます。レッスン最後にはヨガのメソッドを取り入れた体幹トレーニング&ストレッチを行い心身ともにリラックスした状態でレッスンを終えます(体がとても軽くなります)。ヨガマットまたはバスタオルをご持参ください。裸足で踊りますので靴は不要です。汗をかきますのでウォーターボトルもお忘れなく!振付クラスに関しては、ターム開始から2〜3週以内に受講開始をお願いしています。それ以降はご入会をお断りする場合があります。また、おやすみされた場合のメイクアップクラスは特にありませんので、個人レッスンで対応致します。複数の欠席者がいる場合はまとめて補修クラス開催も検討可能ですので、ご相談ください。

レッスン会場: Raffles Town Club, Harmony Studio


Raffles Town Club受付(2階 GYM Reception)にてダンスチケットをご購入ください。$250で60分クラス10回分、90分クラスは6.5回分です。ダンスチケットはナディアが教える全てのクラスでお使い頂けます。(例:日曜クラス振付クラス & 水曜夜クラス&時々基礎クラスの併用....を1枚のダンスカードで利用OK)また初回のみメンバー入会手数料$50がかかります。メンバー料金にはRaffles Town Clubの施設(スタジオ・ロッカールーム・シャワールーム・サウナ・プール・カフェテリア)の使用料が含まれます。また、体験レッスン・ドロップインは60分クラス$30.00 /90分クラス$45.00で受講頂けます。





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■ お電話番号:

■ Email address:

■ 希望レッスン:

■ お道具: WINGS / ASSAYA 購入希望する ・ 希望しない

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NADIA Bellydance Entertainment & School, Singapore

DANCE is the hidden language of the soul.