Sunday, May 31, 2020

【NADIA ONLINE】★ NEW Lesson Starts on 1st June!

Hello! ★ This is Nadia.

"Circuit Breaker" will be finally ended on June 1. The release will be done in 3 phases, after the transition to Phase 2, finally small groups of social activities including the recreation and fitness businesses will be allowed.

If the things going well, we might be able to resume our studio lesson by the end of June or early July! ❤︎

However, for the time being there is a high possibility that there will be restrictions on the number of people (probably 5 or less) for the studio lessons, and some other policies.

Based on that, as our lessons after June onwards, we will continue Online Lessons until the situation stabilized. And, the time of entering Phase 2, let me organise a small number of participants in the studio lessons.

For regular lessons at Raffles Town Club, let me announce the new policy and pricing based on "New-Normal" as soon as they reopen the facility.


Now, we continue our online lessons from June, but I would like to think separately from studio lessons and bring you a fun time that demonstrates the individuality unique to online.

NADIA's online lessons are global lessons that connect with students around the world. Share bellydance time with your friends who once danced together with you in Singapore's studio, or even new friends connected through SNS, from Japan, Singapore, the United States, Europe and all over the world.

A nostalgic reunion and a new encounter.

What kind of interaction will online students have with each other in the future? I really want to focus on that too. The final goal is to meet in real offline and have a 'members-only HAFLA' in Singapore or Tokyo when Phase 3 ended? Why not?!

As a "new normal", for the time being, the way you take lessons, how to hold shows and events will change. What can you do online, rather than lament that you can't? Why don't you change it to a positive and creative idea?

As your study material, music & videos will be provided. As well as Nadia's explanation illustration for your better understanding! I hope!! LOL

Please use the choreography video for lesson preparation and review. Questions and answers are also accepted in group chats. Thanks to your questions, I think that we can give answers with various approaches and deepen our knowledge together.

However, we will not archive or distribute the full video of the lesson itself. The reason is because we emphasise an opportunity of being "connecting on live".

Please feel the importance of communicating through a screen at a fixed time, and how "contact" with them has a wonderful positive effect on the lonely battle of self-restraint life. I've been experiencing it myself for the last two months, so it's a lesson I can recommend to everyone with confidence.


There are 3 lessons a day. We offer 39 frames per month.
You can take as many classes as you like at the same price.

First of all, the BASIC class, which starts at 10am, is a class that teaches the basics of bellydance, but teaches the "posture" (basic pose) that is the basics of dance, and how to make the trunk and axes for that.  From an anatomical point of view, where is the center of gravity and which muscle is used to create that posture? How do you define the range of motion to make it look beautiful? At the same time as your dancing skills improve, your performance will become beautiful. 

People who dance in any genre look younger. It's not my fault. There is a basis! :)

Take lessons as "basic drills to be beautiful as a woman" rather than "basic drills to dance well". You can take it regardless of age, body type, dance background, or exercise experience.

You don't have to show your navel. No worry! ;p

Rather than that, the pelvis position, which is an iron rule in dancing the oriental dance! When you prepare it, improve your O legs, and get out of your self-restraining life, don't you wish to get dressed in beautiful clothes and get ready to go out on the street? :)

Next. The CHOREO class starting at 10:40.

In the CHOREO class from June, you will learn Oriental dance while being attracted to wonderful Arab music. Let's study music explanations and routines that match the rhythm.

For the assignment song, "El Fan" (Mario Kirlis Version) sing the wings of isis, which was planned to be taught in a studio lesson in April, is now arranged so that it can be dance with silk veil at home. I would like to be able to switch from the veil to the wing to dance at the same time when the studio is restarted.

In the future, I have a dream to produce a veil and wing joint group dance! It can be a collaboration between Tokyo and Singapore? Come and join us at the 'A Night of Orient' festival produced by Nadia, when the right time comes!!

The choreography will be completed in about eight weeks.

Last but not least, about the YOGA STRETCH class. Starting from last month, this new class is a very popular lesson, with a lot of happy screams every time!

This class aims to increase the flexibility and strength of the entire body, but especially for the belly dance, the softness around the abdomen to the thighs is carefully measured along with deep breathing. We also introduce weekly yoga asanas that are especially useful for beauty and health.

If you take this class after taking BASIC and CHOREO, you can aim for further flexibility by further stretching the muscles warmed by the dance. Also, by slowly cooling down the body in an agitated state after dancing, if you carefully breathe, you will not feel any fatigue. You might no longer need to get expensive massage service!

- - - - - -
NADIA ONLINE - Bellydance & Yoga Lesson

■ Date & Time:Date: Every Sunday, Monday, Thursday
 | BASIC 10:00-10:40 | CHOREO 10:40-11:20 | YOGA 11:20-12:00 |

■ Fee:Monthly $150 (¥12,500) → 39 lessons per month You can take as many as you want
■ Trial / Drop-in 
1slot- 40min $25 (¥2,000) | 1day full - 2hours $60 (¥5,000)
■ Registration fee:Free
- - - - - -

【How to apply】
It's simple! Please send Nadia a casual message to announce your participation from SNS, which has the highest usage like:
Facebook / Instagram / Messenger / LINE / WhatsApp / 

【Please contact us for two things】
- Full name
- Email address (used when sending audio sources)

【2 apps you need to download】
- Zoom (used in lessons)
- WhatsApp (used when sending videos)

【Payment method】
Payment by bank transfer via the account in Singapore or Japan. I will send the details to you after the apply is done.

【June Schedule】
Sunday, Monday and Thursday, the pink, blue and purple slots are eligible. On other days, it will be a private lesson slot (available online).

【Private lesson】
We accept one-on-one or semi-private instruction on Monday to Saturday. Please request what you wish to learn. It is also possible to instruct the review and preparation of the choreography currently underway. Please contact us if you are interested.

For June lessons, we will use a veil. Please prepare. Don't forget your yoga mat and water as well.

If you have any questions, please contact Nadia!

Saturday, May 30, 2020

【NADIA ONLINE】★ 新レッスン6月1日スタート!

こんにちは!★ シンガポール在住、日本人ベリーダンサーのナディアです。

シンガポールでは、新型肺炎(COVID-19)の対策として設けられた "サーキットブレーカー" が、6月1日(月)の深夜をもって解除されます。解除は3段階(3フェーズ)に分けて行うそうですが、早ければ、6月の中旬頃にフェーズ1解除について再検討される旨、昨日報道されました。(Straits Timesより) 
ェーズ2に移行後、ようやく少人数での社会的活動(音楽グループなど)、レクリエーション、フィットネス事業などが許可されるようになります。(サーキットブレーカー後の緩和措置について AsiaX ご参考)



それを踏まえて、ナディアスクールの6月以降のレッスンについては、状況が安定するまではオンラインレッスンをメインとし、フェーズ2に入った時点で、少人数でのレッスン参加者を募集する形を取らせていただきます。フェーズ2に入った後の具体的なイメージとしては、オンラインレッスン開催会場(ナディアのホームスタジオまたはRaffles Town Club)に、オンラインレッスン受講生の中から、1レッスンにつき2〜4名程度、募集し、無料でご参加頂く形にしていこうと考えています。

Raffles Town Clubでの定期レッスンについては、施設の再開と同時に、アフターコロナに基づく新しいポリシーと、料金設定について、改めて発表させてください。




















それより、このダンスを踊る上での鉄則である'骨盤の位置'!それを整え、O脚を改善し、自粛生活が解けた時に、綺麗な洋服を着て街に出る準備をしませんか? :)



課題曲は、4月にスタジオレッスンで教える予定だったウィングを使用しての"El Fan"(Mario Kirlis Version)を、自宅でベールで踊れるようにアレンジします。スタジオ再開と同時に、ベールからウィングに切り替えて踊れるようにしたいと思います。両方踊れるように指導していきますので、一石二鳥だよw。

将来的には、ベールとウィング合同群舞をプロデュースしたい♪なんて夢もある!東京組とシンガポール組でコラボとかどうかな?是非、ナディアプロデュースの'A Night of Orient' 復活祭で、一緒に共演しましょう。



最後に、YOGA STRETCHクラスについて。先月からスタートしたこの新しいクラスは、毎回、嬉しい悲鳴がたくさん聞こえてくるw、大好評のレッスンです。



- - - - - -
NADIA ONLINE - Bellydance & Yoga Lesson

開催日:毎週 日曜・月曜・木曜
 | BASIC 10:00-10:40 | CHOREO 10:40-11:20 | YOGA 11:20-12:00 |

■ 料金:マンスリーパス $150 (¥12,500) → 月に39レッスンお好きなだけ受講可能
■ 体験レッスン:
1コマ- 40分 $25 (¥2,000) | 1day - 2時間 $60 (¥5,000)
■ 入会金:無料
- - - - - -


Facebook / Instagram / Messenger / LINE / WhatsApp / Gmail など。メールの方は、 まで。

- フルネーム
- メールアドレス(音源を送る際に使用します)

- Zoom (レッスンで使用)
- WhatsApp (動画を送信する際に使用)