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【Let's dance TURKISH ORIENTAL from August to September♪】★ Taiwan festival & competition・TOKYO HAFLA entry start・Creating an ageless beautiful body ~ BASIC & YOGA! and so on..

Hello everyone! ★

I'm Nadia, a Japanese bellydancer based in Singapore.

Summer is finally here!

This year, it's a no-mask summer with no movement restrictions, so I hope everyone enjoys the sea, the mountains, and various summer activities and stays full of energy! !

Nadia is one step ahead, spending early summer in the Mediterranean.

Crossing the Mediterranean by ship from Turkey to Greece, experiencing old ruins from BC, local music, dance, and culture, thinking about the long history that has continued since ancient times, and thinking about the world of myths (things that are similar to Japan's "Kojiki" ), historical buildings from the Roman era to the Middle Ages, the drama that existed there, the battles between religions, and the thoughts of the people who lived in that era. I could feel the fountain of emotions draining quickly.

Knowing the history gives us a glimpse into the future, and by learning about dances (cultures) with a long history, we can also get hints to open up new, core styles in the modern age.

I understand the feeling of being drawn to a shiny surface, but wouldn't it be nice to pursue and polish the essential beauty that only comes with age, instead of living a life that counts down to the time limit, with an indescribable feeling?

Nadia loves wine, dance, and historical buildings, but by going on a journey to find the charm of "vintages", I feel that my sensitivity will be enriched, I will be able to think about things from a different perspective, and I will cultivate my original creativity.

You can see the photo & movies of my trip from Instagram stories and highlights, so if you are interested, please check it out.

Well, at the bellydance festival "RAAKAS ISTANBUL" held in Istanbul, Turkey in June, there were truly countless learnings and stimuli.

It is very valuable to be able to learn from teachers who are active on a global level.In particular, the longer our careers are, the older the star dancers and teachers who are ahead of us naturally become, so there are times when the teacher we have been chasing suddenly retires. In the limited time of our lives, we want to learn a lot from wonderful teachers, ask questions, feel, and burn the essence into our hearts.

In particular, I've been following the dances of Khaled Mahmud of Egypt since my early days, so I'm happy to learn directly from him again. It was truly a treasure to be able to watch his live performance again at the gala show.

I was also impressed by the professionalism of Mr. Serkan, the organizer of this RAKKAS ISTANBUL, his professionalism (organizing a festival of this scale cannot be done without considerable mental strength, consideration and love), his personality, the Turkish style dance (influenced by Egypt) that is carefully and surely attractive, and the humorous instruction that keeps the fans constant. As for the secret of his success and activity, he showed us that in the end, it is humanity and human power, not in words, but in actions.

There are still many more, but I think it will be as long as a novel, so please ask me various questions when we meet again. There are many things to tell. For example, differences from Asian festivals, differences from Japan, differences from Egypt, and many more...

Also, I would like to incorporate all the essence I gained in Istanbul and the feelings I felt during my trip to the Mediterranean Sea into my dance expressions in the future, and dance in a more evolved form.

Each time, I'm going to share it with everyone through the lesson.

I will pull you to the other side of the world with a wide perspective and a new world that is always new and learning, so please look forward to following me! :)

The state of the festival is also summarized in the story highlight of Instagram.

Please take a look! ;)

 ▶︎  @nadia_sueoka

Now. After the festival in Turkey is over, the relief is short-lived.

In autumn, the bellydance festival "BGBD festival" will be held in Taiwan for the first time in about four years. Nadia is again invited as one of the main guests.

This year's main project is a competition, and it seems that participants will gather from all over Asia, centering on Taiwan.

Nadia will perform at the opening gala show and join the judging team at the competition. Also, Nadia's workshop is being held at the same time, so I will teach the popular show set.

Click here for the previous workshop (2019) ↓


It seems that there will also be an open stage by the participants, so if you happen to come to Taiwan in the fall, let's enjoy it together! :)

Personally, I'm really looking forward to night shopping at the night market and eating Asian gourmet food! :)

The state of the festival will be posted in real time (limited to 24 hours) on Instagram Stories. Please check out.

[Activities scheduled for the second half of 2023]

■ July-September TERM 4 "TURKISH ORIENTAL" Lessons (Online & Studio)
■ August TOKYO HALFA 2023 entry starts
■ September Taiwan BGBD Festival (competition, gala, workshop)
■ October to November TERM 5 Lessons (Online & Studio)
■ December Kuala Lumpur Festival (competition, gala, workshop)
■ December TOKYO HAFLA & WS
■ December WS with a special guest
■ December Makeup course for belly dancers
■ December BLOSSOMS CLOSET (Once a year fun flea market)

■ Others: There are various things going on behind the scenes, such as a live performance in Singapore around autumn (negotiating), workshop planning, studio lesson students and a mini-hafla project (→Please let me ask you). We will announce it as soon as it is decided.


This year's TOKYO HAFLA will be held on 12/23 (sat)!
The venue is Silk Road Cafe, the mecca of belly dancers in Tokyo.

Entry starts from 1 August!

Details will be sent to NADIA ONLINE members of this term by email.

I'm thinking about various special projects inviting guests. After September, we plan to organize rehearsals. In addition, I hope that this project will play a role of a stepping stone that will make it easier for everyone to get involved in domestic and overseas activities from next year onwards. Please look forward to it.

Now. The introduction has become very long, but it's the main point lol

As I mentioned earlier, this time I would like to dance a piece that incorporates the essence I got in Turkey. About the difference between Turkish and Egyptian, from each movement, how to use the veil, the difference in music, why do you wear high heels? I would like to proceed with the lesson while inserting historical anecdotes. By the time the work is completed in 8 weeks, I will guide you so that you can make a good landing that makes sense.

In addition, Nadia participated in the RAKKAS festival in Istanbul as a judge, so I would like to share the "MUST points" of the "Turkish category" and "Egyptian category" shared by other teachers with the students in the lesson. If you are thinking of trying one of these categories in the near future, or if you are currently struggling to establish that style, this class is for you.

There were many attractive songs, and I had a hard time choosing one, but this time I chose "RAKS MIMI" as the theme song. Speaking of Turkish star dancers? Yes, DIDEM! We will dance to the Turkish oriental song "RAKS MIMI" choreography on her CD, using a veil and floor work.

We will guide you to complete the choreography in 8 weeks.

Continuing, the core is a must. Thigh training for strengthening shimmy and 2cm up position of buttocks at the same time! Yes, I want to aim for hip-up, so I'm holding a yoga training that's a little bit hard..?  no..  it is FUN. It is a very popular series you know lol.

It's sudden, but I'm going to Japan for about a week in mid-August. I'm staying in Kanazawa for a little while, and I have some errands to go to the Northern Alps, so why not try traveling yoga?

NADIA Travel Yoga Series! Version 3!

Connect in real time from Japan's Northern Alps, early morning yoga with the wonderful energy overflowing from the mountains of Japan!

Yoga in the morning is great.
The quality of the day that starts from there is completely different!

Please join us.

 ________________ _  __________ _ _ ______ _ __

「 Y O G A   from  The Northern Japan Alps

 ■ Date :  12 JULY (SAT)
 ■ SG time : 7:30-9:00
 ■ JP time : 8:30-10:00

 ________________ _  __________ _ _ ______ _ __

The special project "YOGA from The Northern Japan Alps" that Nadia will hold during her stay in Japan is a "bonus project" that I would like to share with everyone and enjoy the atmosphere that is different from regular lessons. NADIA ONLINE : JULY-SEPTEMBER (TERM-4) Members can participate free of charge, so please join us!

The 4th term of 2023 is scheduled to start on 7/23 (sun) and end on 9/25 (mon). 8 weeks total.

While Nadia is on a business trip, there will be no classes, but regular online lessons (BASIC / CHOREO / YOGA) are included so that you can take a total of 8 weeks. The term is set to be a little longer than usual, but we will complete one of the assignment songs properly, so please follow us until the end! :)

There is no teacher near me that I want to learn...there is no belly dance class near where I live..

Aren't you giving up on starting for that reason?

"NADIA ONLINE on ZOOM" is a popular lesson that started during the corona crisis. You are free to turn the screen on and off, and you are free to join or leave the class midway, so if you are embarrassed to be seen dancing, you can turn off the screen.

All of the lessons held are professionally taught by Nadia. She has traveled to Turkey and Egypt, the home of bellydance, many times to train and is currently performing and teaching in various cities in Asia. She has won numerous awards in competitions, and in recent years has extensive experience as a judge, so she can give accurate advice and guidance.

In addition, her lesson fee also realizes a low price unique to online. You can take it for $150 (¥12,500) / month or $250 (¥20,000) / 2 months for a package.

It is a term system, and one term takes two months (8 weeks) to master the choreography of one song! You can take as many lessons as you like, 4 days a week, 3 classes a day, 40 classes a month. Basic classes, choreography classes, yoga classes, you can join as many classes as you like without a reservation. Also, once a week, you will receive a tutorial video so that you can learn the choreography even if you miss the lesson.

We also hold a nice hafla to present what we have learned.

In 2022, "TOKYO HAFLA" was held twice in Tokyo. At the international competition in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, the top 3 winners were produced. In the early summer of 2023, the WORLD BELLYDANCE FESTIVAL held in Singapore and the ASIA GLOBAL BELLYDANCE COMPETITION produced top 3 winners in succession.

Also, in 2023, we launched a new project "SAKURA PROJECT". At Nadia's hometown, Ishiura Shrine, the oldest shrine in Kanazawa, we dedicated the Japanese oriental work "SAKURA SAKURA", and shared the state beyond the realm of performing arts with the participating members, taking a step to the next stage. The project will continue beyond 2024.

Well, this term I'm going to resume the choreography class at the studio.

2 classes every Saturday from 11am. Basic 60 minutes and choreography 60 minutes. $380 per term (8 weeks), studio classes and online lessons can be taken as much as you want at the same time. In other words, for online students, you can come to the studio class every week just by topping up $130! Cheaper than private lessons!

The choreography is the same as online, and the sound source and video will be distributed every week. In other words, you will be able to catch up online and in videos during the week you were unable to come to the studio.

For drop-ins and those who would like a trial, a 60-minute class is available for $35. (reservation required)

A beautiful forest-like studio surrounded by greenery around the Orchard. We will contact all applicants on how to get there.


With 18 years of experience, over 500 performances in Singapore and other parts of Asia, and a proven track record of teaching over 1,000 people regardless of nationality, Nadia is a professional who teaches in both Japanese and English. We are holding a lesson. She has a lot of jury experience in her international competitions, so feel free to ask her anything. She can teach a wide range of things from beginners to professionals, from competition measures to health management.


■ Monthly fee: ¥12,500 / $150 (1 month) / ¥20,000 / $250 (2 months) Unlimited course
■ Dates: Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays → Check the lesson schedule on the website
■ Contents: Belly dance basics, choreography, yoga
■ Things to prepare: veil, yoga mat, water, towel


■ Fixed price: $380 (2 months) Unlimited lessons (including online lessons)
■ Drop-in: $35 (60 minutes) / Please pay by the day before
■ Date: Every Saturday
BASIC 1100-1200 / CHOREO 1200-1300
→ Check the lesson schedule online
■ Contents: Basics and choreography of bellydance
■ Things to prepare: Veil (if you don't have one, we will lend you one) Water and towel
■ Clothing: Easy-to-move-in clothes, yoga wear allowed, a scarf around the waist, and dancing barefoot
■ Venue: At a beautiful studio like an oasis around Orchard

[Application & Inquiries]

■ Just send a simple message to Nadia from SNS such as Gmail, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Messenger!
■ Payment: Bank transfer, PEATIX, PAYNOW accepted
■ Participation method: After applying, you will be invited to the Whatsapp group. You can receive zoom links, lesson information, sound sources, videos, etc. there.

If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

See you all at the lesson!
We look forward to your participation :)


Nadia A. Sueoka
(NOA PRODUCTION : 53398231J) 
Phone SG: +65 9295 6041 

DANCE is the hidden language of the soul. 

【8〜9月はトルコオリエンタルを踊ろう♪】★ 台湾フェス & コンペ・TOKYO HAFLAエントリー開始・エイジレスな美ボディを創る 〜 BASIC & YOGA!など.. 盛り沢山です!

皆様 こんにちは!★



今年は、行動制限がないノーマスクの夏♪w ってことで、海や山、色んな夏のアクティビティを楽しんで、元気いっぱいに過ごしたいですね!!



歴史を知ることで未来が見えてくるし、古くからある踊り(文化) を学ぶことで、現代において新しく芯の通ったスタイルを切り開いていく為のヒントを得たりもします。




さて先日、トルコはイスタンブールにて開催されたベリーダンスフェスティバル "RAAKAS ISTANBUL" では、本当に数え切れないほどの学びと刺激がありました。



また今回のRAKKAS ISTANBUL主催者である、セルカン先生のプロフェッショナルな仕事ぶり(この規模感のフェスオーガナイズは相当な精神力と気遣いと愛がないとできないです)、彼のお人柄、丁寧に確実に魅せる(エジプトに影響を受けた)ターキッシュスタイルのダンス、ユーモアあふれる指導でファンが絶えないワークショップ、全てが完璧すぎて感銘を受けました。成功・活躍の秘訣について、結局行き着くところは、人間性で、人間力なのだと、言葉ではなく、行動で見せてくれたのが彼です。


令和のこの時代に、海外(アジア)を拠点に活動しているナディアの運命、時には アジアでの活動の中に "?" がつく事もありますが笑、自分にできることを少しずつやっていきますね。






 ▶︎  @nadia_sueoka


秋には約4年ぶりの開催となる台湾でのベリーダンスフェスティバル "BGBD festival" が開催されます。ナディアは再び、メインゲストの一人としてご招待頂きました。



前回 (2019年) のワークショップの様子はこちらから ↓ 


参加者の皆様によるオープンステージもあるそうなので、短い週末ですが、もし秋の台湾にふらりとお越しになられる方いらっしゃれば、是非一緒に楽しみましょう! :)

個人的には、夜市でのナイトショッピングと、アジアングルメ食べ歩きがめちゃくちゃ楽しみーー! :)

フェスティバルでの様子は、リアルタイムで (24時間限定の) インスタストーリーにも投稿していきます。是非チェックしてみてくださいね。

【2023年 下半期の活動予定】

■ 7 〜 9月 TERM 4 "TURKISH ORIENTAL" レッスン開催 (オンライン & スタジオ)
■ 8月 TOKYO HALFA 2023 エントリー開始
■ 9月 台湾フェス(コンペ・ガラ・ワークショップ)
■ 10 〜 11月 TERM 5 レッスン開催 (オンライン & スタジオ) 
■ 12月 クアラルンプールフェス(コンペ・ガラ・ワークショップ)
■ 12月 スペシャルゲストを招いてのWS
■ 12月 ベリーダンサーのメイクアップ講座 
■ 12月 BLOSSOMS CLOSET (年に一度のお楽しみフリマ)

■ その他 : 秋ごろにシンガポールで生演奏ライブ(交渉中)・ワークショップ企画・スタジオレッスン生とミニハフラ企画(→ご相談させてください) など水面下ではいろいろ動いています。決定次第発表していきます。


今年のTOKYO HAFLAは、12/23(sat)に開催!


詳細は、今タームのNADIA ONLINEメンバーにメールでご連絡いたします。




また、今回ナディアが、イスタンブールでのRAKKASフェスに審査員として参加させていただいたことで、他の先生方からも共有して頂いた "ターキッシュ部門" と "エジプシャン部門" の、カテゴリー別 「MUST ポイント」についても、レッスン内で受講生の皆様に共有したいと思っています。近い将来、どちらかのカテゴリーで挑戦しようとお考えの方や、そのスタイルを確立するのに現在奮闘中の方は、是非ご活用ください。

魅力的な曲が多くて、選曲に大変悩みましたが、今タームは "RAKS MIMI" を課題曲に選びました。トルコのスターダンサーといえば?そう、DIDEM!彼女のCDに入っている唯一のターキッシュオリエンタル楽曲 "RAKS MIMI"振付を、ベールを使用し、フロアワークも入れて踊っていきます。





お盆のど真ん中、日本は北アルプスよりリアルタイムで繋がって、日本の山々から溢れるマイナスイオンと一緒に、早朝ヨガ!w しませんか?お盆は皆様もご実家帰省や、ご友人とのBBQなど何かと身体が緩みがちな時期なのかなと。そんなお盆のお楽しみ中の、ど真ん中に、ドSヨガを!しかも早朝に!セッティングしてみました笑。



 ________________ _  __________ _ _ ______ _ __

「 Y O G A   from  The Northern Japan Alps

 ■ Date :  12 JULY (SAT)
 ■ SG time : 7:30-9:00
 ■ JP time : 8:30-10:00

 ________________ _  __________ _ _ ______ _ __

ナディアが日本滞在中に開催する、特別企画 「YOGA from The Northern Japan Alps」は、通常レッスンとは異なる雰囲気や空気感を皆様と共有し、楽しみたいと思い、"ボーナス企画"としてスケジュールに組み込んでいます。NADIA ONLINE : JULY-SEPTEMBER (TERM-4) メンバーは、追加料金なし、無料でご参加いただけますので、是非ご参加くださいね!

2023年第4タームは、7/23(sun) 開始、9/25(mon) 終了の予定です。全8週間。

ナディアが日本・台湾出張中は、休講となりますが、オンラインの通常レッスン (BASIC / CHOREO / YOGA) は、合計8週間分が受講できるよう組み込まれています。いつもより、タームが少し長めの設定となっていますが、課題曲は1曲きちんと完成させていきますので、最後までついてきてくださいね!:)

近くに習いたい先生がいない... そもそもベリーダンスのお教室がない.. あっても敷居が高くて入門するのが怖いなぁ.. など、そんな理由ではじめるのを諦めていませんか?

「NADIA ONLINE on ZOOM」は、コロナ禍にスタートした人気レッスン。ビデオON/OFFは自由、途中参加・退座も自由なので、踊ってる姿を見られるのが恥ずかしい方はビデオオフで、逆にビデオオンで踊ることで成長を狙いたい方も、ご自身のペースとスタンスでレッスンにご参加頂けます。


また、レッスン代もオンラインならではの低価格を実現。なんと月額 $150 (¥12,500) / 1ヶ月、または、パッケージ $250 (¥20,000) / 2ヶ月で受講いただけます。

ターム制となっており、1ターム 2ヶ月 (8週間) かけて、1曲振付をマスターしていきます!レッスンは週に4日、1日3クラス、月40クラスを好きなだけ受講し放題。基礎クラス・振付クラス・ヨガクラス、どのクラスも予約なしでお好きなだけご参加いただけます。また、レッスンを逃しても、振付が学べる様に、週に一度、進研ゼミの様なスタイルで解説動画も届きます。


2022年は、東京にて "TOKYO HAFLA"を2度開催。マレーシア・クアラルンプールでの国際コンペでは、メンバーからTOP3入賞者を輩出。2023年の初夏には、シンガポールで開催されたWORLD BELLYDANCE FESTIVALおよび、 ASIA GLOBAL BELLYDANCE COMPETITIONにおいて、メンバーからTOP3入賞者を連続輩出。

また2023年には、新規プロジェクト「SAKURA PROJECT」を立ち上げ、ナディアの故郷、金沢最古のお宮である石浦神社さんにて 和オリエンタル作品 "SAKURA SAKURA"をご奉納し、参加メンバーと共に芸能の域を超えた境地を共有し、ネクストステージに一歩足を踏み入れました。このプロジェクトは2024年以降も継続予定。



毎週土曜の午前11時から2クラス。基礎60分と、振付60分になります。1ターム $380 (8週間)に、オンラインレッスンも受講可とします。つまり、オンライン受講生からすると、$130トップアップするだけでスタジオクラスに毎週来れるという、破格設定!!w







■ お月謝制:¥12,500 / $150 (1ヶ月) / ¥20,000 / $250 (2ヶ月) 受講し放題 
■ 開催日:月・水・木・日 開催 →レッスンスケジュールはウェブでチェック
■ 内容:ベリーダンスの基礎・振付・ヨガ
■ ご用意いただくもの:ベール・ヨガマット・お水・タオル


■ お月謝制:$380 (2ヶ月) 受講し放題 (オンラインレッスンも含まれます) 
■ ドロップイン:$35 (60分) / 前日までにお支払いください
■ 開催日:毎週土曜  
BASIC 1100-1200 / CHOREO 1200-1300 
■ 内容:ベリーダンスの基礎・振付
■ ご用意いただくもの:ベール(ない方はレンタル可)お水・タオル
■ 服装 : 動きやすい服装・ヨガウェア可・腰に巻くスカーフ・裸足で踊ります
■ 会場:オーチャード周辺にあるオアシスのような美しいスタジオにて

【お申込み & お問合せ】

■ Gmail・インスタ・WhatsApp・Messenger など、SNSからナディアまで簡単なメッセージを送るだけでOK!
■ お支払い:銀行振込・PEATIX・ PAYNOW可
■ 参加方法: お申込み後、Whatsappグループへご招待します。zoomリンクや、レッスン情報、音源、動画など、そちらで受取ることができます。


沢山のご参加お待ちしています :)


Nadia A. Sueoka
(NOA PRODUCTION : 53398231J) 
Phone SG: +65 9295 6041 

DANCE is the hidden language of the soul.