Saturday, August 1, 2020

【NADIA ONLINE LESSON】★ August lesson starts!


Hello! It's Nadia. How are you all? :)

I hope to see you all soonest and resume our lessons in the studio, however, Singapore is still in Phase 2. Although the studio of Raffles Town Club is reopening, there is a limit of 5 people or less and it is mandatory to wear a mask while dancing, so about doing a dance exercise while wearing a mask, I personally question how effective in term of what's good for your body as exercise?

I am always focusing on how to use the body while breathing in dance and yoga, so I do not wish to recommend us to dance lessons with masked on. Naturally, breathing is a set for muscle growth. I would like to wait for Phase 3 or the day after it opens to have lessons without a mask.

From your living room or the clean studio that you have chartered to yourself, protecting yourself by social distance, and take a nice breather and work out in comfort. Let me continue to teach online and pursue the uniqueness of online classes!

In the lesson of the previous term, I asked the participants to submit a dance video to show me, and I gave each one a comment on the points to be improved (only for applicants). It was very well received, so let me see the timing and try them again soon, how you think?

Well, I have been working as a bellydance competition judge for many years, so I can instantly identify the strengths and improvements of the dancer, and convey them in words. That's part of my work.

We have private lesson by online lessons now a days, but I would like to consider using it together with video lessons with comment reports. If you have a great idea about this, please let me know what you think! :)

Now. Thank you for your waiting!
The new lesson starts on Sunday, August 2nd!

If you have been too busy to take lessons for a while, why don't you restart from August? NADIA's online lessons welcome students at all levels.

Bellydance for beginners, experienced students, and teacher-level professional dancers who have own classes, I do look at everyone's point of view, class will be taught to share always something fresh and upgraded knowledge to all of you.

We also have a group chat exclusively for members, so please do not hesitate to ask Nadia many questions.

Choreography class in August, we will dance the new Mejanse!

The song I chose this time is  "Habibi" , a song by Mercedes Nieto. The melody line and chorus are also very catchy, so would it be easy for those who are new to dancing Mejanse? I chose the song for you. "Habibi" is an Arabic word (for someone important) "YOU". It is used for loved ones like darling and my dear.

Mejanse is an Arab song specially composed for bellydance. Bellydancers always dance Mejanse at first in the show lineup to let show opens gorgeously. It feels like an overture in classical music, and combines the elements of the preview of the show that begins in the future, so various songs and musical styles are included in one song. It is an orthodox Egyptian-style bellydance song that starts from the entrance, develops numerous rhythms, and continues to the last of the masterpiece.

Musical instruments used in Arab music (violin, nay, qanun, oud, darbukka, etc) have many musical developments that make them attractive, and when you dance in Mejanse, you feel as if you are having a superb full-course dinner. Let's enjoy plenty from appetizers to desserts! ;)

The length is often about 10 minutes or more, and the song selected this time was originally 9 and a half minutes to edit in about 5 minutes for you to dance. To all the participants of the lesson, we provide the sound source edited by Nadia as a teaching material. Also, choreography videos taken on the back and face-to-face are delivered once a week on WhatsApp group chat.

There will be veil work again this time! Perhaps this is the last time I will teach veil in the year of 2020. If you want to learn veil, please do not miss it.

I teach the choreography to be completed in 2 months. We will proceed with the goal at the end of September, so lets start dancing with me! :)

- - - - - - -
Date & Time ▶︎ Every Sunday, Monday, Thursday 
BASIC 10:00-10:50 | CHOREO 10:50-11:40 | YOGA 11:40-12:30 | (50min in each class)
- - - - - - -

The BASIC CLASS is also very popular one which starts at 10am in the morning Singapore time.  Why don't you join us between your remote work? Your body must be much refreshed!

Up to now, I have taught in 40-minute per class, but it seems everyone wants more? ;) So, from this month, I would like to extend to 50 minutes per class.

Along with the wonderful Arab music of Nadia's selection, you wake up your body with a gentle stretch and move your body to warm up the whole body in time.

Then, what muscles from your head to the tip of your foot should be used to create the movement of bellydancing? From the perspective of anatomy, unravel, practice and commentary, just keep on drill, and drill! 

If you are not taking this basic class, the way you enter the choreography class is completely different. You started to feel "Oh? My body moves!".

Continuation is the power, isn't it? 

Would you like to create a "Body as Dancer" = "Body that you can move flexibly", and at the same time, aim to strengthen your core and improve your basic metabolism?

- - - - - - -
Date & Time ▶︎ Every Sunday, Monday, Thursday 
BASIC 10:00-10:50 | CHOREO 10:50-11:40 | YOGA 11:40-12:30 | (50min in each class)
- - - - - - -

YOGA is the Sanskrit word for "connection" and refers to the state where the mind, body and soul are connected. It combines breathing, posture, and meditation to relieve tension in the body and mind, and stabilise and ease the mind.

Yoga poses which calls "Asanas" have the effect of correcting body distortions, improving flexibility and physical fitness, etc., but combining relaxed breathing and meditation enhances concentration and a gentle and stable mental state. 

The effects of breathing on the body and mind are so deep. The breathing method, which is also the basis of yoga, increases vitality and concentration by controlling breathing, and connects the mind and body. 

It also has the effect that oxygen is sent to each cell and activated from inside the body. By expanding and contracting muscles and deep breathing, the lymph flow and blood circulation are improved, and the internal organs are activated, your body refreshed and comfortable, but it also helps prevent skin aging.

By the end of each lesson, it is impressive that the participants' faces look so refresh and sharp.

This class will also be extended to 50-minute class from this month.

As it coincides with lunchtime, those who are doing remote work at home, why don't  you join us as lunchtime yoga? You should be able to work from the afternoon with a refreshing feeling! :)

- - - - - - -
Date & Time ▶︎ Every Sunday, Monday, Thursday 
BASIC 10:00-10:50 | CHOREO 10:50-11:40 | YOGA 11:40-12:30 | (50min in each class)
- - - - - - -

All class are taught directly by teacher Nadia. We have 3 lessons a day, 3 days a week, 42 ​​lessons a month. 

You can take a class that suits you at your own pace!

So, why not? Join us from 2nd August! 
Enjoy the summer and bellydance with Nadia! x

Inquiry about class, don't hesitate to message her.

- - - - - -
NADIA ONLINE LESSON - August & September

Date & Time : Every Sunday, Monday, Thursday 
BASIC 10:00-10:50 | CHOREO 10:50-11:40 | YOGA 11:40-12:30 | (50min in each class)

■ Fee :  $150 /monthly 
→ 42 lessons. Attend as much as you want!
■ Promotion :  $125 /monthly. If you apply 2 months course in August and September, the monthly fee will be reduced. $250 for 2 month ($50 worth).

■ Remarks : Choreography video is provided to all participants. However we do NOT sell only choreography video itself. Thanks for understanding! :) 
- - - - - -

【How to apply?】
- Send an message to Nadia via SNS
Facebook / Instagram / Messenger / LINE / WhatsApp / Gmail / 

【What to provide?】
- Your full name
- Email address (use for sending songs)

【Which App to download?】

- Zoom (used in lessons)
- WhatsApp (used for video distribution)

【How to settle payment?】
- Bank transfer (details will be sent you after you applied)

【Lesson Schedule】
Sunday, Monday and Thursday. See the calendar on attached. Pink, blue and purple slots are eligible. On other days, it is a private lesson slots to be used (online/offline is possible).

【Private Lesson】
Nadia will teach you anything at anytime on your request. She accepts one-on-one private lessons or semi-private instruction. It is also possible to teach the choreography brush-up that you are currently learning in the online lesson, as well as some advise about stage work for your upcoming performance! Contact her if you are interested. (There are some special discount for online lessons students too. Please ask!)

Please prepare a veil that we use for choreography in August. Don't forget your yoga mat, towel, and water bottle. You will be pretty sweaty! :)

If you have any questions, please contact Nadia!

DANCE is the hidden language of the soul.