Friday, September 16, 2022

【Competition & Gala】★ Join NADIA in Kuala Lumpur! One of the most amazing festival in ASIA is BACK!

Hello! ★ It's me, Nadia here. 
How are you everyone? :)

I'm going to Kuala Lumpur for the first time in a while in December!

Malaysia World Oriental Dance Arts Festival」, one of the most exciting international bellydance competitions in Asia, will be revived for the first time in three years. Before COVID, NADIA has been invited as a judge for this competition & performer for the gala show every year, and even during my pregnancy, I was 8 months pregnant and performed at the gala show, which is a very memorable event for me ever.

I'm really happy that the event is back offline.
Also, congratulations on the 10th anniversary!

Ms Jasmin Tan, the host, is a tiny and cute lady, but she is a really BRAVE and powerful woman. Even though COVID is coming to an end, I think it takes a lot of energy to host an event of this scale in Asia, where everyone is still hesitant. Since we have known each other for a long time, Nadia would like to support this event as much as possible so that it will be a successful event for young dancers who have been waiting for the revival of the competition in Asia. .

Come to think of it, before COVID-19, about 150 dancers performed on the stage a day and I was one of the judge team, in charge of judging them (it continued non-stop from early morning until late at night! It's a real competition lol), but this year will be held in just an ending part of COVID pandemic, so I can't read how many entries there are, but on the contrary, if you're aiming for the top 3 awards, now is the time! Maybe? Go get it while people are reluctant lol!

NADIA will be participating in this event again this year as one of the judges. Also, I will appear as a guest performer at the closing gala show, so whether you are nearby or far away, please come and enjoy the event with us.

The main master teacher of the event is IGOR KISCHKA from Brazil, who I am personally a big fan of!

Super happy to see him again in person! ! ! !

His WS will be held the next day, so those who enter the solo category must attend IGOR's WS as an entry condition. Nadia is also a big fan of his, so I plan to take his WS. Let's learn together.

Also, since we are going all the way to KL, I would like to recruit members who will perform at the gala show with Nadia in her troupe. I think "MASHAAL" is a good choice! 

Rehearsals will be held every Saturday in October and November. Get your ISIS WINGS ready. If you wish to co-star, please make sure that you have completed the MASHAAL term at NADIA ONLINE and are also taking online lessons in October and November. In online lessons, you will continue to build your body, and you will create a base and axis for your body to perform properly on stage. Basic is such a plain and steady lol. I think the competition participants should be the same, but I won't force it as it is up to you! ;) The gala show will be a professional frame, so Nadia will guide you through rehearsals so that it will be a more artistic work. Let's leave it in a beautiful form as one of the representative works of 2022.

If you are a NADIA ONLINE member who lives outside of Singapore and would like to come here and participate in the KL competition, co-star at the gala show, etc., please contact Nadia. We will arrange lessons and rehearsals as much as possible. Leave it to me! :)

Of course, private lessons to aim for a trophy are also very strict after asking how serious you are. Please contact Nadia to discuss it.

Details of the event are as follows. Online entry is closing on 10/1 (sat). Please submit it by yourself. If you would like to perform at the gala show, please let Nadia know by 9/30 (fri).

If we go KL together, it will be like a school trip, and I think it will be really fun. we hope for all of you to join us!  :)

Please let us know if you have any other questions.

Malaysia World Oriental Dance Arts Festival 2022
■ Date : 10th December (Competition & Gala) / 11th December (Workshop)
■ Venue : Nexus Auditorium,Connexion Conference & Event Centre
■ Entry deadline : 1st October
■ Event inquiry :

Competition online registration link
Master Teacher Igor Kischka online registration link
p/s: All solo participants MUST join at least ONE Master Teacher workshop(with special offer price) except Junior solo & all troupe category

(NOA PRODUCTION : 53398231J) 

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