Wednesday, April 29, 2020

【NADIA ONLINE LESSON】★ MAY Registration started!

Hello! ★ This is Nadia. 

Singapore's Circuit Breaker has been extended till 1st June. Now, let's find out what we can do for our 'Stay-at-home' life ... especially, you must be seriously concerned with how to get the 'Corona Weight' off from your belly, don't you? :) 

Let me produce something for you.

From May onwards, we will increase the number of lessons by 3 slots per day, 3 days per week, and 39 lessons per month. 

There are 3 classes per day:

BASIC - core & strength (40min) 
CHOREO - sword or umbrella using (40min)
YOGA STRECH - deep stretch & core training (40min) - NEW

"Yoga Stretch" will be newly opened. Please bring yoga mat or bath towel. 

I highly recommend you to take 3 classes all together, BASIC → CHOREO → YOGA STRETCH at total of 2 hours!

I am sure you will feel physical change due to the perfect balance of aerobic and anaerobic exercise benefits.

However, those who have not been exercising for long time, do not push your self too much. You may want to take only the BASIC class or Yoga Stretch class, even once a week, you will feel the effect physically. 

I was honestly think about the price range like twice, but I am happy that everyone who started the online lessons with me from April commented me such a huge complements about the class. Yes, that means a lot to me. So that, with my sincere thanks, I would like to hold the same price in May at the special rate as in April. 

The monthly fee is only $125 (10,000 yen), unlimited pass will be issued for you. Thus, no matter how many times you take the lessons, fee is still $125! :) 

You can participate from anywhere in the world. Anyone can participate regardless of age, nationality or dance experience. The language will be used both English and Japanese bilingually.

Children are welcome to dance with mom. The new yoga stretch class may be accompanied by your husband too! There are no male students in my usual studio lessons, so it is a premier privilege only for online. :)

May our online lessons contribute to your strength to fight with CB, difficult time due to COVID-19.

In May, I'll be even more enthusiastic to provide the lessons, but most importantly, you are 'safe' and 'healthy' at home. Ladies, I look forward to seeing you there!

Meantime, please take care. Stay safe, be well! :)

Lot's of love,


【How to apply】
Simple! Please express your participation by casual message from SNS to Nadia with your convenience via Facebook / Instagram / Messenger / LINE / WhatsApp / Gmail (

【Two things to be advised】
- your full name
- E-mail address (used when sending the sound source)

【Two apps you may need to download】
- Zoom (used in lesson)
- WhatsApp (used when sending videos)

【Payment method】
Payment will be made to a bank account in Singapore or Japan.
Further details will be sent to those who apply.

【May schedule】
The pink and blue and purple slots on the schedule below are eligible. Basically, on Sundays, Mondays, and Thursdays. 3 days per week. Other time slot will be reserved for private lesson.

【Private Lesson】
We accept one-on-one or semi-private instruction at any time on Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday. The content is request-based. For example, you can review the choreography that you learnt at my previous classes or workshops. I can give you many ideas for the show arrangement, competitions, and formation for your troupe, etc etc. In addition, one-on-one instruction for choreography review and preparation, which is currently being taught online, "Rakkas" (sword) is also possible. Please contact me if you are interested.

The music used in the choreography class will be sent to all students by email. A unique choreography using a bellydance sword, which dances to the famous Turkish pops. If you don't have sword, you can use an umbrella instead. After the class, Nadia will post a weekly choreography video to the WhatsApp group chat so that you can review it. From May, we will learn the latter half of the song (floor work). If you enroll in May and want to learn the choreography of April, you can learn in a private lesson. Please contact Nadia. (Of course it's okay to try only the May part since it is already super excited one!)

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact Nadia!