Monday, March 1, 2021

【NADIA ONLINE】★ Modern Khaleegy in March!


Hello everyone! ★

From January to February, we learned the Japanese fusion dance "RANKA" with fanveils. We will perform this choreography at the filming event in April, the details will be coming up soon. 

Stay tuned! :)

In March, we would like to return to the Arabia, and dance with the rhythm of Gulf, Khaleegy for the first time in a while. I chose a music that has an upbeat feel and is easy for even beginners to dance.

What is Khaleegy?
Let's get started from here.

"Khaleegy" the word itself means "Gulf" in Arabic and is a dance that is mainly performed in the Persian Gulf countries. Gulf dances include Iraqi styles (such as Dabke, Kauleia, Muashahat), Arda Barriya (male-only military style), and Naashat (famous hair dance).

There are many styles of Gulf dance in a nutshell, and it can be misleading if we don't dance after knowing what style we are dancing to. I would like to dance this theme song while clearing that as well.

When you dance Khaleegy, you don't wear bellydance's two-piece costume. The dancer wears a long taupe to hide her body, and while holding it forward, steps in and shakes her hair.

In the Gulf countries, local women dance at weddings and other social events, delicate and characterized by fun, vibrant and expressive gestures at happiness and celebration events. It is a dance with feminine expression.

When the COVID over, we would like to gather in large numbers to perform this dance with a festive mood. Until then, while keeping the number of people in the limited space of your home or studio, why don't you enjoy dancing as if you were enjoying this life as a woman?

By the way, as for the song to be used, I will use "Meshtaga Leek" sung by Nancy Ajram. We will proceed with the choreography with explanations of the lyrics spelled out in the sweet voice of Nancy, the Lebanese diva. .. A sound source will be sent to all the participants.

We will not use any tools for this lesson, but if you have Khaleegy dress, please bring it with you. Even if you don't have it, also be able to dance too. No worry! :)

As you know, ALL classes are back in the studio! Now, all classes are being held at the Harmony Studio in Raffles Town Club, at the same time, ONLINE classes are live streaming at the studio.

Since it is a hybrid class of online and offline, we have a special "hybrid promotion" for NADIA ONLINE students. You can take as many classes of the day as you like with one ticket. (Usually, 3 tickets are required for 3 classes)

New students and trial students are also welcome at all the time! :)

The fee will be $ 250 (additional admission fee of $ 50) for 10 hours, which is the same as before. $30 for trial/drop-in students for 60min.

Studio lessons are reserved for up to 8 people, so please let me know if you would like to join.

Due to popular demanding of NADIA ONLINE LESSON, we will continue to take as many lessons as you like for a fixed monthly fee. A 60-minute class is held three times a day, four days a week. Enjoy as many classes as you like from the 48 classes a month!

It is held four times a week, but even so, there are people who are extremely busy with work, have small children, and live on the other side of the globe (!), So it may be difficult for some people to take the course. .. For such people, we shoot an explanation video once a week and distribute it to all members. Please use it by all means! :) 

Also, for those who can not participate in the lesson but want to study NADIA's latest choreography with videos, we have set up a program called video membership from this year. Once a week, you will receive a video from Nadia, like a E-learning, and you can ask questions to her anytime. It is programmed to complete the choreography in two months. Like NADIA ONLINE members, video members will also receive benefits such as half-price online private lessons and participation in Hafla, etc... Please contact Nadia if you are interested.

Raffles Town Club, the venue for studio lessons, is a 2-minute walk from the MRT "STEVENS" subway station. It is a very convenient place, about 10 minutes by bus from Orchard Road. Upon admission, we will check your body temperature. The studio has been renovated during the CB, and it's a clean studio with thorough ventilation and cleaning, and let's dance freely with the new flooring!

You can use it in the changing room, shower room, sauna, break lounge, cafeteria, etc. A regular admission fee of $ 50 will be charged only for the first time, but currently NADIA ONLINE lesson students are exempt from the admission fee.

There are two types of tickets. $ 250 (10 hours) or $ 30 (1 hour). It will generate 7% GST. Valid for 3 months from the date of purchase. Tickets purchased before CB have a frozen expiration date, so please tell us your name at the reception and continue using it! As for payment mode, Cash, Credit card, NETS are available.

BASIC CLASS If you are not taking this basic class, the way you enter the choreography class is completely different. The reason why you started to feel "Oh! My body moves!" is, because you have built up a solid foundation. Continuation is power. Why don't you create a "dancer body" and at the same time aim to strengthen your core and improve your basal metabolism?

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CHOREO CLASS  We are instructing NADIA choreographed works with the aim of completing one song in two months. We learn new choreography routines once a week and send you practical videos of the explanations as teaching materials. Even if there are weeks when you couldn't attend the lesson, you are still able to study with video so that all the students will be able to dance one song by the end of the two-month term.
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Morning Lessons ▶︎ Every Sunday, Monday, Thursday Studio & Zoom!  
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YOGA is the Sanskrit word for "connection" and refers to the state where the mind, body and soul are connected. It combines breathing, posture, and meditation to relieve tension in the body and mind, and stabilise and ease the mind.

Yoga poses which calls "Asanas" have the effect of correcting body distortions, improving flexibility and physical fitness, etc., but combining relaxed breathing and meditation enhances concentration and a gentle and stable mental state.

The effects of breathing on the body and mind are so deep. The breathing method, which is also the basis of yoga, increases vitality and concentration by controlling breathing, and connects the mind and body.

It also has the effect that oxygen is sent to each cell and activated from inside the body. By expanding and contracting muscles and deep breathing, the lymph flow and blood circulation are improved, and the internal organs are activated, your body refreshed and comfortable, but it also helps prevent skin aging.

By the end of each lesson, it is impressive that the participants' faces look so refresh and sharp.

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Morning Lessons ▶︎ Every Sunday, Monday, Thursday Studio & Zoom!  
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All class are taught directly by teacher NADIA. 
Inquiry about class, don't hesitate to message her.

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Morning Lessons ▶︎ Every Sunday, Monday, Thursday Studio & Zoom!
| BASIC 10:00-11:00 | CHOREO 11:00-12:00 | YOGA 12:00-13:00 | (60min)

Evening Lesson ▶︎ Every Wednesday Studio & Zoom!
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【OFFLINE LESSON @ Raffles Town Club】
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■ Initial fee:$50 (Only firt time) → However, online lesson students are exempt from the admission fee
■ Trial/Drop-in : $30 /60min
■ Capacity:8 students only (Reservation required)
■ How to reserve? : Message to Nadia. You can reserve any day and time slot by telling her. We will close the application as soon as we reach the capacity of 8 people, and after that we will wait for cancellation
■ Venue:Raffles Town Club, Harmony Studio
■ Address : 1 Plymouth Avenue, Singapore 297753

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【How to apply?】
- Send an message to Nadia via SNS
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【What to provide?】
- Your full name
- Email address (use for sending songs)

【Which App to download?】

- Zoom (used in lessons)
- WhatsApp (used for video distribution)

【How to settle payment?】

- Bank transfer / PayNow (details will be sent you after you applied)
- Peatix

【Lesson Schedule】
Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday. See the calendar on attached. Pink, blue and purple slots are eligible. On other days, it is a private lesson slots to be used (online/offline is possible).

【Private Lesson】
Nadia will teach you anything at anytime on your request. She accepts one-on-one private lessons or semi-private instruction. It is also possible to teach the choreography brush-up that you are currently learning in the online lesson, as well as some advise about stage work for your upcoming performance! Contact her if you are interested. (There are some special discount for online lessons students too. Please ask!)

Please prepare them, as well as hipscarf, yoga mat, towel, and water bottle. You will be pretty sweaty! :)

If you have any questions, please contact Nadia!

DANCE is the hidden language of the soul.