Friday, March 4, 2022

【MARCH - APRIL 2022】★ We dance new Choreography「BALADI NOSTALGIA」!


Hello! ★ This is Nadia.

In plague, in war ..., an era of constant worries.

Still, I hope that dancing will illuminate everyone's hearts and give you the vitality to survive tomorrow. What I can do is to move forward with everyone involved through dance, so I will do my best to do what I can.

For the new song in March, we selected the Argentine style Baladi "BALADI NOSTALGIA".

It's a very dramatic and wonderful song.

Let's hold back tears, open wings strongly and beautifully, and let the expression bloom like swimming in the rough waves of the times. Believe that a bright future awaits us beyond the long tunnel.


Application for new students starts now. We would like to complete one song choreography properly over two months. If you would like to participate, please let us know by using the most convenient contact tool such as Instagram, Messenger, Email, etc. to Nadia. We invite you to a chat group dedicated to NADIA ONLINE.

BALADI NOSTALGIA」is an Argentine style, so-called modern ballad. As always, we will start with a commentary on "What is Ballady?" Even if you are new to belly dancing, we will explain in an easy-to-understand manner, explain the composition of music and how to take rhythm in detail, and guide you to dance easily. Please feel free to join us.

By the way, this song has a beautiful violin tone! Let's entrust ourselves to the passionate tone and dance with our body and mind open.

Dance with love and dance while thinking about someone's safety, peace, and a happy future. Expressions and emotions can be expressed as they are, as you feel them.

We have prepared choreography with a strong dance to the beautiful music that will move your heart. Since you use a lot of body, we will continue to proceed with anatomical explanation in the basic class, so let's evolve into a strong and supple body together.

Please look forward to it!

To apply, please send DM to Nadia via email or SNS.

NADIA ONLINE LESSON is an online belly dance and yoga lesson taught directly by Nadia, a Japanese belly dancer living in Singapore. All classes are taken in real time at ZOOM, and at the same time, choreography tutorial videos are distributed weekly to all students as teaching materials.

Lessons are held 3 times a day (basic, choreography, yoga). We offer 48 lessons a month, 4 days a week, so please do as much as you like.

Some people take only yoga and some take only the basics. Even if it is difficult to participate in real time, you can take it with confidence because there is a video distribution with detailed explanations. The sound source used for choreography is given to all students.

In addition, you are free to sit in and out during the lesson, and you can participate in the video off. Choose a class that suits you at your own pace.

We have a chat room exclusively for members, so we will invite you there after joining. Please ask a lot of questions.

Lessons are taught in two languages, English and Japanese.

Every month, 40 to 50 people from all over the country and overseas participate in the lessons, and the lessons are more fun than real lessons, as if you forget that you are online. Since Nadia herself is very particular about detailed explanations, online lessons are very popular because they are easier to understand than real lessons.

Let's dance together here without giving up because it's a corona bruise. If you are interested, please jump in. I think it's definitely fun. We look forward to.

BASIC CLASS If you are not taking this basic class, the way you enter the choreography class is completely different. The reason why you started to feel "Oh! My body moves!" is, because you have built up a solid foundation. Continuation is power. Why don't you create a "dancer body" and at the same time aim to strengthen your core and improve your basal metabolism?

- - - - - - -
Morning Lessons ▶︎ Every Sunday, Monday, Thursday 
BASIC 10:00-11:00 | CHOREO 11:00-12:00 | YOGA 12:00-13:00 | (60min)
- - - - - - -

CHOREO CLASS  We are instructing NADIA choreographed works with the aim of completing one song in two months. We learn new choreography routines once a week and send you practical videos of the explanations as teaching materials. Even if there are weeks when you couldn't attend the lesson, you are still able to study with video so that all the students will be able to dance one song by the end of the two-month term.

- - - - - - -
Morning Lessons ▶︎ Every Sunday, Monday, Thursday
BASIC 10:00-11:00 | CHOREO 11:00-12:00 | YOGA 12:00-13:00 | (60min)
- - - - - - -

YOGA is the Sanskrit word for "connection" and refers to the state where the mind, body and soul are connected. It combines breathing, posture, and meditation to relieve tension in the body and mind, and stabilise and ease the mind.

Yoga poses which calls "Asanas" have the effect of correcting body distortions, improving flexibility and physical fitness, etc., but combining relaxed breathing and meditation enhances concentration and a gentle and stable mental state.

The effects of breathing on the body and mind are so deep. The breathing method, which is also the basis of yoga, increases vitality and concentration by controlling breathing, and connects the mind and body.

It also has the effect that oxygen is sent to each cell and activated from inside the body. By expanding and contracting muscles and deep breathing, the lymph flow and blood circulation are improved, and the internal organs are activated, your body refreshed and comfortable, but it also helps prevent skin aging.

By the end of each lesson, it is impressive that the participants' faces look so refresh and sharp.

Pelvic YOGA
Lesson date and time ▶ ︎ Every Sunday, Monday, Thursday (Zoom)
YOGA 12:00-13:00 (60 minutes each class)
Increase the flexibility of the muscles around the pelvis, eliminate the distortion of the pelvis located in the center of the body, and improve the condition of the whole body! Since it is held immediately after the belly dance class, it will be more effective if you take it together.

Night YOGA
Lesson date and time ▶ ︎ Every Wednesday (Zoom)
YOGA 19:00-20:30 (90 minutes each class)
Adjust your autonomic nerves and reset your tiredness of the day. Start by loosening your back, which is tired and stiff for a day at work, and putting a light flow work on your whole body. Aim for both exercise and relaxation effects. Night yoga leads you to a deeper sleep and enhances your cosmetological effect.

Registration is now available!

For inquiries and applications regarding lessons, please send a message via email or SNS.

----------------------------------------------- ✈︎

Registration is now available!

Bellydance, Basic, Yoga. Lesson date and time ▶ ︎ Every Sunday, Monday, Thursday (Zoom)
BASIC 10:00-11:00 | CHOREO 11:00-12:00 YOGA 12:00-13:00 | (60min)

Night Yoga date and time ▶ ︎ Every Wednesday (Zoom)
WORKSHOP 19:00-20:30 |  (90min)

* All time notations are Singapore time

[Online lesson fee details]

■ Tuition fee: $ 150 per month (¥ 12,500) / month → 48 All-you-can-take subscription system for lessons, workshops, and events
■ Tuition fee (discount system): 2-month package discount → If you continue to take classes in January and February, the monthly fee will be discounted to $ 125 (¥ 10,000) / month. Please complete the payment for 2 months in bulk for $ 250 (¥ 20000).

■ Admission fee: Free
■ Trial / Drop-in is not currently accepted
■ There is no price setting for each single classes.
■ We have adopted an ALL in ONE subscription system for pricing. By simplifying the paperwork included payment / attendance / etc.. , we are able to offer the lowest tuition fees. Please understand ♪

- - - - - -
【How to apply?】
- Send an message to Nadia via SNS
Facebook / Instagram / Messenger / LINE / WhatsApp / Gmail / 

【What to provide?】
- Your full name
- Email address (use for sending songs)

【Which App to download?】

- Zoom (used in lessons)
- WhatsApp (used for video distribution)

【How to settle payment?】

- Bank transfer / PayNow (details will be sent you after you applied)
- Peatix

Please be sure to send the screenshot to Nadia after payment is completed.

【Lesson Schedule】
You can participate in all the slots shown on the calendar.

【How to participate in the lesson】
A ZOOM link will be sent to the members-only chat at least 1 hour before the lesson date and time. Please enter from there. Participants can participate either on or off the video. You are free to join or leave during the lesson.

Please use the name notation on the ZOOM screen so that you can confirm it with yourself. The full name or dancer name may be used. For example, if it is written as "Mom of XX" (especially when the video is off), you will not be able to verify your identity, so you may be asked to leave in some cases. We ask for your understanding and cooperation as we ask for security management reasons for all students, including other students.

What to prepare】
- Hip scarf around the waist
- Yoga mat
- Towel
- Water

- Fanveils

【Lesson wear】
For dance / yoga lessons, please wear stretch pants, T-shirts, camisoles, and other comfortable clothing. 

【Lesson video】
The choreography tutorial video will be delivered to everyone once a week, separate from the online lessons. What you learn in the one-hour lesson of the week is condensed by picking points, and we will give you a separately shot and edited video of about 10 to 20 minutes. We carefully explain and produce so that those who are absent from the lesson can deepen their understanding.

Any questions? Do not hesitate to ask Nadia.

DANCE is the hidden language of the soul.