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Asia Global Bellydance Competition 2011

Asia Global Bellydance Events
This event raises the awareness of the history, culture & artistic aspect of Bellydance. It shares the spirit of Bellydance in not only in Eastern lands but also Asia. Belly dancers aim to share the passion of dance and celebrate “sisterhood” among women from all walks of life. It’s about celebrating women of all races, cultures, body shapes & size, and also to add zest to women’s lives so they can live with panache! Singapore Street Festival in celebration of its 10th Anniversary Year, is bringing in International Belly Dance Masters from Italy, Taiwan and Korea to join us to perform in SSF special Gala show as its festival closing in 2011.
Asia Global Bellydance Competition - Singapore Leg Date: 29 July 2011 Time: 8pm to 10.30pm Venue: Drama Centre Theatre Ticket Price: $15
Asia Global Bellydance Competition - Asia Leg Date: 30 July 2011 Time: 8pm to 10.30pm …