Sunday, February 17, 2013

【旅】 7days Spring 九州

Beautiful discoveries in early spring of Japan, Kyushu.

Holiday  9 -16 February 2013 
7 days in 6 cities : Kagoshima, Kumamoto, Aso, Yufuin, Beppu, and Fukuoka

 Volcanic island 'Sakurajima', Kagoshima-city

Wow! It's active!! 


秘湯! @ Jigoku-onsen"Seifuso"

Mt. Aso, my favorite place.........

Amazing view from our hotel... beautiful morning fog in Yufuin.

Sunrise from Yufu's mountain top in chilly air, enjoying this view while relaxing in a hot spring bath in the morning at 7am. 

Yufuin "Hanayoshi"

My first try! "Motsu-nabe dish"... OMG, this is too delicious!!

Restaurant Yamanaka, Fukuoka city  

Fukuoka city 

All Photos are taken by Lumix GF5X, Panasonic.