Thursday, February 20, 2014

【SHIRAZ】 ♥ Blossoms* Night!

今夜のシラーズショーも、NADIA & Sahara*Blossomsでお届け!!


Don't miss it!!! ♥ ♥ ♥

THURSDAY It's show time! 
Catch Nadia's Bellydance Show on every Thursday evening in Shiraz!

 Thursday 6th February, 8:00pm~10:00pm 

 Thursday 13th February, 8:00pm~10:00pm 
 Thursday 20th February, 8:00pm~10:00pm 
 Thursday 27th February, 8:00pm~10:00pm 

 Thursday 6th March, 8:00pm~10:00pm 
 Thursday 13th March, 8:00pm~10:00pm 
 Thursday 20th March, 8:00pm~10:00pm 
 Thursday 27th March, 8:00pm~10:00pm 

Reservation @ SHIRAZ
TEL: 63342282

Award-winning bellydancer, NADIA does regular and once-off bellydance performances for restaurants, night spots, private parties, community events and corporate events. For engagement and queries, please contact her directly at :

N A D I A  
Bellydance Entertainment & School, Singapore