Friday, April 3, 2015

[SHIRAZ]★ Kaguya & Shannon Performance in April 2015

[It's Show Time] ★ Catch our beautiful Kaguya & Shannon of Sahara*Blossoms performing in Shiraz on every Thursdays in April 2015.

Have you reserved your table yet? Don't miss the moment of 2 queens' shinning over Clarke Quay on the nights.


 Thursday 9th April, 8:30pm ~10:30pm
 Thursday 16th April, 8:30pm ~ 10:30pm
 Thursday 23rd April, 8:30pm ~ 10:30pm
 Thursday 30th April, 8:30pm ~ 10:30pm 

* 人気店につき、店内は常に込み合っています。必ずお席をご予約ください。ショーをご覧になる場合は外席へどうぞ!
* 4月中の木曜シラーズショーはナディア不在につき、カグヤ&シャノンのデュオ・ソロショーをお届けいたします。ナディアショーは5月中旬までお休みになります。

Reservation @ SHIRAZ 
TEL: 63342282

Award-winning bellydancer, NADIA does regular and once-off bellydance performances for restaurants, night spots, private parties, community events and corporate events. For engagement and queries, please contact her directly at :

N A D I A  
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