Friday, June 12, 2015

[A Night of Orient Vol.2]★ Guest Performers

[A Night of Orient Vol.2]★

One & Only Artistic Bellydance Theatre Show in Singapore will be unveiled soon!

Have you seen a real Japanese Bellydance Geisha Fusion before? You might feel the same Tarab and even sing for it at our Oum Kalthoum, Baladi, Mejanse, Assaya, and your favorite Drum Solo.. etc.

Our Legend Kamellia of Paris will be back in town this year again. Special guest performer, Maia Amani of Bella Raks Sharqi, Lyn Da of La Dnase Studio Malaysia, of cause you will look forward to us as Nadia & Sahara Blossoms Bellydance Singapore to show you the best!

This is definitely not to be missed. *+
See you there!

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[A Night of Orient - オリエンタルの夜に Vol.2]


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