Wednesday, June 21, 2017


2016年5月20日に金沢のDinning Bar CAMPARIにて開催されたベリーダンスショーで踊った"JAPONESQUE"です。日本の有名三味線アーティスト上妻宏光さんの"我風-GAFUU"に合わせ、ベリーダンスをベースに日舞・コンテンポラリーなどを融合したフュージョン作品として2016年にNADIAが振付しました。また同作品をSahara*Blossomsが群舞で踊り、シンガポールでも好評を博しました。

This is the video taken at the show in Dinning Bar CAMPARI in Kanazawa JAPAN on 20th May 2016. "JAPONESQUE" is choreographed & performed by NADIA which is her favorite fusion item she originally created the style based on bellydansing added some Japanese elements with Geisha feeling. This dance item "JAPONESQUE" was also performed by Sahara*Blossoms Bellydance Troupe in Singapore and attracted the audience with great popularity in 2016.

NADIA is the Japanese Bellydance Artist (Choreographer / Teacher / Performer) based in Singapore performing for several events like festivals, theatrical shows, private parties, corporate events, and many more. Also teaching at regular lessons in Singapore and workshops in everywhere.  Any inquiries, please contact NADIA at

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